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Listening Loft : HOTPICKS

Sylvia Bennett - This Love Is Real
Sylvia Bennett
This Love Is RealOut of Sight Music

Years after discovering her, jazz legend Lionel Hampton exclaimed of Sylvia Bennett, “Man, that lady can sing! Her magic gets to the ears and the hearts of the audience.” The extraordinary, multi-talented Grammy nominated vocalist does just that once again on her exceptional new album THIS LOVE IS REAL. To the delight of Smooth Jazz fans, Bennett has been part of the genre for much of the new millennium, recording hits with Paul Brown and Rick Braun. Recent smashes featuring Nathan East and Arturo Sandoval lay the buoyant foundation of the new collection produced by Hal S. Batt, which finds Bennett artfully swinging from playful and whimsical to passionate and sensual as she brings smooth grooves and Latin-tinged twists to her all-time favorite subject… love!

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Patrick Bradley - Exhale
Patrick Bradley
ExhalePatricks Song Factory

Closing in on a decade and a half of solo artistry, multi-talented pianist, keyboardist and composer Patrick Bradley gives us all permission to EXHALE after a challenging year, on this infectious, fancifully played and deeply funkified new album. Forging an exciting, spiritually driven musical partnership with saxophonist and producer Darren Rahn, Bradley takes his high energy blend of lively urban jazz, hipster blues, cool and rock influenced jazz fusion to transcendent levels, keeping the positive, hopeful energy flowing with fiery guest performances from Rahn, Jeff Lorber, who produced two tracks, guitarist Allen Hinds and trumpeter Rick Braun. Thematically, Bradley uses these stylistically diverse tracks express everything from gratitude and the blessings of his faith, to affection for family.   

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Kimberly Brewer - Just That Sweet To Me
Kimberly Brewer
Just That Sweet To MeKimberlily

As you find yourself seduced by Kimberly Brewer’s sultry vocals and delightful ‘Quiet Storm’ ballad vibe of her new single “Just That Sweet to Me,” you may wonder why you’ve never heard her before. Actually you have, and for decades, primarily as Stevie Wonder’s longtime backup singer (and on a hit duet he did with Whitney Houston), but also serving in the same capacity on tour and/or in the studio with everyone from Earth, Wind & Fire and Elton John to Boney James, Will Downing, Vanessa Williams and Teena Marie. Her long-awaited emergence onto center stage with this smooth, neo soul ballad is made all the more impactful by Walter Beasley’s sweet whimsical saxophone harmonies and solo!

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Vann Burchfield - Keep Pressing On
Vann Burchfield
Keep Pressing OnVann Burchfield

A powerhouse force in Smooth Jazz since his 2007 debut, Vann Burchfield’s bio will always boast his distinction of setting a Guinness world record for circular breathing and surpassing former champ Kenny G, since Guinness has given him the title for life with the removal of that skillset from the list. Never one to shrink from a challenge and overcome the odds, the versatile Birmingham, AL based saxophonist makes a powerful statement with “Keep Pressing On,” the lead single from his upcoming album of the same name. Using an irrepressible funk groove, instantly catchy lead melody, rich improvisations and spirited low to high note dynamics, Burchfield emphatically urges us to stay focused on the current moment while envisioning a bright future – no matter what’s going on around us right now. It’s a timely message from a truly timeless artist.  

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Butch and Rhonda Coleman - Moment Of Your Time
Butch and Rhonda Coleman
Moment Of Your TimeJeremee Records

A spiritually grounded husband and wife duo that recognizes music as a universal healer, Maryland based Butch & Rhonda Coleman create a fascinating dual sound around the plucky thump of his bass and her versatility as a sultry pop/R&B singer and jazz keyboardist. The title of their third album MOMENT OF YOUR TIME doubles as an invitation to get to know them and their deft blend of old school soul-jazz, breezy and heartfelt balladry and buoyant urban-flavored Smooth Jazz. Adept at creating a variety of moods, the Colemans like to say that their music tells a story. Here, that’s paying homage to past influences like Bill Withers while making sure we’re hip to their eclectic, very contemporary sexy, funky flow.   

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CTK...The 2nd Coming
The 2ND ComingMMP Sound, Inc.

Given his stage name CTK by his mentor, legendary former Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist Al McKay, trumpeter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Clarence T. Kyle perpetuates that group’s style of old school groovin’ soul/funk and builds on the era’s classic horn-fired vibe on his latest album THE 2ND COMING. A musical gumbo for the soul, with Smooth Jazz, R&B, and hip hop, CTK pulls off the remarkable feat of creating instrumental music that tells his personal story. He invites listeners into his multi-faceted life with memorable tunes dedicated to his father-in-law, his recently departed mother, trips to Japan and fond memories of his early childhood in Rhode Island and attending the Newport Jazz Festival.  

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Richard Elliot - Authentic Life
Richard Elliot
Authentic LifeShanachie Entertainment

Now in his 5th decade of blazing trails with his instantly identifiable soaring sax, Richard Elliot – once dubbed “The James Brown of Contemporary Jazz” - is back with his first album in five years, a collection reflecting his ongoing commitment to living nothing less than an AUTHENTIC LIFE. The veteran musician and longtime pilot is releasing his Shanachie Records debut while engaged in the process of building his own plane, and all metaphors about reaching for the sky apply perfectly to the alternately tightly percussive and soothingly sensual flow. The set also captures the fresh possibilities of remote collaboration, as Elliot vibes with longtime friends -  Rick Braun, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Jeff Lorber, Philippe Saisse, Dave Koz, David Mann and others. This saxman’s expansive artistry propels him to explore new dimensions of his own on this AUTHENTIC LIFE!

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Epic 92 - Atlanta Lights
Epic 92
Atlanta LightsMaximum Rush

Epic 92, the cool name that producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer K-Tabbs and singer-songwriter Xanthe give their fresh, edgy and soulful male-female duo, refers to two things: the year they met and a journey filled with unbelievable setbacks and triumphs, including a Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop hit. That divinely appointed road leads now to ATLANTA LIGHTS, an album infused with deep, UK influenced vibes, a classic R&B flow, confident but subtle rock edges, laid back grooves and sensual Smooth Jazz touches. The multi-dimensional sonic magic, a tight live band aesthetic and the duo’s lush vocal harmonies lay a perfect foundation for the sensual narrative. It rolls by like a sexy and sophisticated urban romance in a city that shimmers with joy and simmers with daring possibilities.  

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Alvin Garrett - The Lightness Of Love
Alvin Garrett
The Lightness Of Love HILL Entertainment

A true pioneer of inspirational soul, Alvin Garrett has written and arranged for Joe, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Johnny Gill and many others. Nearly a decade into his solo career, the Grammy nominated, Soul Train, Dove and Stellar Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter keeps the musical flow smooth and soulful on his new album THE LIGHTNESS OF LOVE featuring his Smooth Jazz charting single, “My Gift to You.” The captivating collection of original tunes showcases Garrett’s signature blend of Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross and Al Green inspired vocal magic with fresh contemporary beats and engaging lyrics with special guest, jazz flutist Kim Scott on the title track. In recent years, Garrett has lent his array of talents to The Write Life, an innovative songwriting therapy program he teaches with The Dannon Project, using music to teach life management skills, effective communication and other tools to help sculpt a new future. 

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Watch Your StepGTF Music

While gearing up for their post-COVID 2021 album release, WATCH YOUR STEP, the dynamic R&B/jazz ensemble GTF deliver another captivating single in advance of their full project. Following on the heels of their chart-dominating vocal “Some Things Happen,” the new tune is an instrumental offering, “3AM.” Truly the embodiment of this seductive time of day… the crossover between late night and never, never land; sensual, earthy, beguiling. Featuring a Northern and Southern California collective of players, “3AM” is graced with the alluring guitar playing of the song’s composer, Richard Livoni, and the haunting sax work of John Rekevics, both complementing GTF’s signature low end landscape provided by drummer Ron Otis and band co-founder/bassist George Franklin.

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Wayne Gutshall - Spicy!
Wayne Gutshall
Spicy!Spicy Music LLC

Saxophonist Wayne Gutshall’s perfectly titled debut album SPICY! is a joyous reflection of the many years he’s spent immersed in Miami’s Latin pop and jazz scenes – which includes work with greats like Nestor Torres, Dave Valentin, Arturo Sandoval and an appearance on Ed Calle’s Latin Grammy winning album MAMBLUE. While he showcases these influences via an artful balance of high energy exotica and balmy sensuality, the Latin vibe is simply the launching point for a stylistically eclectic collection that includes jazz fusion, gritty blues, stylish tributes to Gato Barbieri and Miles Davis and engaging twists on pop classics by Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie. Playfully jumping genres from track to track, Wayne Gutshall delivers a fashionable collection with a lot of Miami spice!

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Alex Harris - Frequency
Alex Harris
FrequencyCross The Line Music Ltd

From his childhood touring with his six siblings as the A-Boys (later A7) to sharing stages with Al Green, Aretha Franklin, John Legend and H.E.R. singer/songwriter, actor and philanthropist Alex Harris has been setting the stage for his uplifting and empowering debut EP FREQUENCY. Drawing on his gospel background and bringing blues and classic R&B into his hybrid New Age Soul revival vibe, he lends his silk and grit vocals to a tasty, purposeful fusion of romance, social consciousness, spirituality and driving freedom anthems on a level perhaps not seen since Marvin Gaye. His multi-faceted educational background (including a Ph.D in organizational leadership) and running the Arts Conservatory for Teens ensure insights into the human condition that will surely help fuel an extraordinary solo career. 

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Skii Harvey - Broken
Skii Harvey

Like a smooth whiskey, her vocals leave a little burn on the finish. Australia’s Skii Harvey dares to go deeper on her highly anticipated new album BROKEN. A story of heart break and all the ways we try to put our hearts back together. A journey through the darkest moments to the light that breaks the fog. Recognized by Billboard Music Awards, the UK Songwriting Awards, the L.A. Music Awards and a 3-time recipient of the Best Song Award by the Australian Songwriter’s Association, Skii is a lifelong singer/songwriter. She began her career huddled over an old upright piano squeezed into her mother’s small home in Sydney Australia, where their tiny porch had been converted into a makeshift bedroom. Follow Skii down this slope, listen to BROKEN track by track, and feel the magic of music move you, wholly!

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Anders Holst - Endlessly
Anders Holst
EndlesslyUnheard of Music, LLC

After a way too long nine-year recording hiatus, Swedish born, NYC based singer/songwriter Anders Holst brings his sensually romantic vibes and poetic juice back to Smooth Jazz with his inspiring new album ENDLESSLY. While elegantly produced by Grammy Award winner Gordon Chambers, with beguiling string arrangements and soaring backing vocals, the pop/soul/jazz oriented collection is grounded by a live ensemble featuring keyboardist Shedrick Mitchell, guitarist Sherrod Barnes, and saxophonists Peck Almond and Andreas “Pastorn” Andersson. Holst muses on various aspects of love via inviting originals and spirited re-imaginings of Kem’s “Heaven,” a delicious duet with Sy Smith on George Michael's "Cowboys and Angels," as well as paying homage to Stevie Wonder in an intimate, string-laden rendition of "All I Do."

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Vincent Ioia - Dreamin'
Vincent Ioia
Dreamin'VinStyle Music Publishing

Finding new life and purpose as an artist and performer after a series of tragic losses, saxophonist Vincent Ioia has established himself over the past decade as a powerful force in Smooth Jazz. After a few years away, the COVID lockdown gave him the opportunity to re-focus on his music, and he follows his popular twist on the Steps Ahead ballad “A Self-Portrait” with an equally compelling re-imagining of Vanessa Williams’ soaring late 80’s hit “Dreamin’.” The breezy, easy flowing track, which features sensual atmospheres and lush female vocal textures, is the perfect showcase of Ioia’s ability to slowly build emotion as he ramps up to a robust and muscular performance on the familiar hook. Filled with fiery improvisational riffs between sax and vocal, “Dreamin’” is sure to transport you to your jazzy happy place!

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M'lynn - T.F.I.L. (Nate Harasim Remix)
T.F.I.L. (Nate Harasim Remix)M'Lynn Music LLC

The acronym in the title from emerging indie soul singer/songwriter and pianist M’lynn’s new single “T.F.I.L.” (To Fall in Love) is what everyone has done with the tune, with over 400,000 Spotify plays and counting! The prolific Ms. M has taken the song to acclaimed, Grammy-nominated producer, Nate Harasim for a fresh reconsideration of the track and the result is breathtaking. Graduating from the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music songwriter program at the Frost School of Music in Miami, M’Lynn is sure to turn heads with the fashionable remix of an otherwise smooth smash single! 

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Nils - Caught In The Groove
Caught In The GrooveBaja/TSR Records

True to the title of his latest can’t miss, in the pocket collection of radio-friendly gems and otherworldly sonic delights, guitarist, composer and producer Nils has been happily CAUGHT IN THE GROOVE as one of Smooth Jazz’s premiere hitmakers and producers for over 15 years. Yet for the artist and his usual crew – including horn player and arranger Johnny Britt and vocalist Clydene Jackson - the easy funk flow is merely the launching pad for a multi-faceted experience. Nils complements his trademark crisp pop/soul/funk vibes with more ambient, atmospheric experimentation and deeper jazz musings with master pianist and Rhodes player Mitchel Forman. One listen and you too will be CAUGHT IN THE GROOVE!

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Shawn Raiford - Man With A Horn
Shawn Raiford
Man With A HornShawn Raiford Sax Productions

With one listen, you’ll step deeply into the alluring saxophone world of Shawn Raiford… he is the MAN WITH A HORN, playing it smoothly, brightly and with great conviction! This slickly produced and intensely melodic debut album fires up rich bass lines and hip-hop grooves, creating a proprietary blend of Smooth Jazz, pop, funk, soul and gospel for the Sacramento alto saxman. Raiford’s roots took form in a house of worship, where he played sax for the first time at his late grandmother’s 75-year church anniversary. While showcasing his highly spirited style and emotional range, this collection reflects many styles of musical inspirations, from the exhilarating Raiford-penned originals that the world will surely take notice of, to a select and fun handful of covers from Bruno Mars, DeBarge and Rihanna. MAN WITH A HORN from a man who has arrived. 

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Tony Saunders - Sexy Somethin'
Tony Saunders
Sexy SomethinSan Francisco Records

Four years after his previous release, UPTOWN JAZZ, legendary Bay Area bassist, composer and producer Tony Saunders delivers on his stated promise to “make the best, most pleasurable and sensually satisfying album yet” with his perfectly titled, 4th studio release, SEXY SOMETHIN. Alternately bouncy and buoyant, his new original tracks are all infectiously melodic and fall into a groove-intensive pocket, from the kick off hit, the chart-topping cover of The Whispers’ “Rock Steady” to the final interlude. Yet true to the diversity of Saunders’ expansive resume, he infuses stylistic and thematic surprises. While grounding everything on his trademark deep bass tones and delivering sparkling solos, he invites a vibrant all-star cast to help execute his multi-faceted vision – including Nils, Jeff Ryan, Paul Jackson, Jr., Paul Brown, Marion Meadows and Jeff Lorber; co-produced by Tony, Nils and contemporary jazz star Gail Jhonson!

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Kim Scott - Back Together Again
Kim Scott
SHINE!Innervision Records

With great hope in her heart and whimsical groove in her spirit, flutist Kim Scott launches her second decade as a Smooth Jazz recording artist with “Back Together Again,” from her forthcoming album SHINE! A playful and infectious romp with simmering energy and soaring melody, makes the song the perfect soundtrack for a post-Covid world of rekindled friendships and family relationships that have been sidelined during the pandemic. Ms. Scott, also a nationally syndicated radio host, dynamically collaborates with the song’s co-writer, keyboardist Greg Manning, who keeps the rhythms tight, with graceful harmonies and lush atmospheres flowing beautifully with the trademark flute vibe. From start to finish, “Back Together Again” works the deeper magic of making us feel optimistic again. 

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Zoe Scott - Shades Of Love
Zoe Scott
Shades Of

It’s telling that singer Zoe Scott includes a sensual version of a Chrissie Hynde / Pretenders hit among other pop and Brazilian classics on SHADES OF LOVE, her exquisite, breezy and lushly produced album of bossa nova. The London-born recording artist found great success as an edgy rock n’ roller for years before the Brazilian jazz bug bit her and challenged her to be more emotionally vulnerable and in tune with what she calls “life in the quiet spaces.” Adding to the magic and charm of Scott’s soul-stirring transformation into an interpreter of subtlety and seduction, are Brazilian-born multi-Grammy and Latin Grammy winning producer Moogie Canazio and bossa legends, including guitarist and arranger Torcuato Mariano and pianist/singer Daniel Jobim, grandson of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Brava!

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Solex - Full Moon

A Minister of Music for over 25 years, versatile composer/keyboardist (and preacher’s son) Solomon Edmond (aka Solex) has also channeled all of his great gospel and funk spirit into a nearly 15-year career as a Smooth Jazz recording artist that includes two #1 UK hits! On his easy-flowing 8th album FULL MOON, Solex showcases his range of jazz skills as an artist and producer, offering an artful blend of gentle acoustic piano melodies with classic keyboards and fashionable production textures. While his infectious melodic and harmonic elements are front and center, he equally shines as a collaborator, featuring special guests on the project, including his cousin, gospel guitarist Jonathan Dubose, Jr., saxophonist Jason Gay and soul singer Tony (T-Mac) McLendon. We find it very easy to bask in this FULL MOON!

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Will Sumner - Ride The Wave
Will Sumner
Ride The WaveOcean Street

Encapsulating the carefree days of summer, guitarist Will Sumner, delivers a brand new original collection ranging from coast-driving Smooth Jazz and slow grooves to exciting Latin rhythms on RIDE THE WAVE. The prolific, Southern California composer  follows the lead of similarly, beachy themed collections, such as COAST DRIVE, PIER GROOVE and the craftily titled ENDLESS SUMNER. Drawing on an eclectic background that includes performing with Prince and Yanni and composing symphonies, Sumner infuses his signature sound of sensual rhythms and hypnotic melodies with a variety of genres and textures including blues licks and steel pans. RIDE THE WAVE concludes with a rock and soul tinged vocal take on a patriotic classic that will light up the 4th of July!  

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Listening Loft : MUST HAVES

Gregory Abbott - Chill
Gregory Abbott
ChillMojo Man Entertainment

Best known for his 1986 #1 pop/R&B hit “Shake You Down,” groove balladeer Gregory Abbott’s new single “Chill” – his first recording in nearly a decade – offers sage advice for these troubled times in the most engaging, rhythmically seductive way possible. Over a slow, simmering groove, the singer wraps his soulful vocals and uplifting lyrics about not worrying with horn section punch, gospel-tinged female backing vocals, and – most exciting of all – Gerald Albright’s inimitable sax harmony and emotional soloing. A welcome visit from a cherished musical friend, “Chill” is the perfect anthem to vibe to as we head into 2021! 

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Amandus - Sing a Song
Sing A SongMocherMusic

Though you’ll only be singing actual lyrics to the title track of emerging German keyboardist Amandus’ sparkling, playfully melodic, rambunctiously grooving debut Smooth Jazz album SING A SONG, you’ll find yourself humming along with, and tapping your feet to his wildly infectious instrumentals within a listen or two. After establishing himself as a theatre and cabaret performer and touring with UK greats like Paul Young and Midge Ure, Michael Amandus Quast graces us with a colorful fusion of smooth sizzle, as well as improvisational, impactful ensemble action with guitar, sax and horns that are sure to draw favorable comparisons to Brian Culbertson and Jeff Lorber.  

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Jake Bass - The Jakey B. LP
Jake Bass
The Jakey B. LPBassment Sounds 2.0

Reshaping the music scene from Detroit, the young Jake Bass offers up a buoyant, groove-filled hipster collection of Smooth Jazz on his latest album THE JAKEY B. LP, featuring funk swirls of urban jazz and fiery guitar motifs along with hip-hop inflections and beats. True to his eclectic background, the Motor City native – who’s shared the stage with Ludacris, LL Cool J and Mitch Ryder and worked with everyone from Eminem to deaf hip-hop sensation Sean Forbes – seriously mixes up moods and styles, showcasing his vibrant piano, guitar, bass and edgy, rich production textures while vibing with fellow Detroit dude, acclaimed saxman Dave McMurray on his chart-topping single, “Cookin’ It Up.” 

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Briggs & Dozier - Burning Fire
Briggs & Dozier
Burning FireAPO Productions

Impassioned R&B vocalist Terry Briggs (Ohio Players, Cheryl Lynn) and versatile guitarist Fletcher Dozier Jr. (Martha Reeves, Arrested Development) bring years of world traveling with icons to BURNING FIRE, and in Briggs’ case, performing as a member of the Four Tops in a touring production of “Motown Magic.” Their infectious and funky, aptly titled debut album as Briggs & Dozier, draws on their individual experience with countless legacy artists, as the duo forges an empowering future for contemporary Urban / Smooth Jazz, soul and R&B with a rhythmically diverse set that includes buoyant dance floor grooves, infectious rhythms, spirited guitar and seductive balladry. 

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Marshall Charloff - Unperfect
Marshall Charloff
UnperfectMarshall Arts Records

Those who listen intently to the sensual yet funky, soulfully provocative, and spiritually-uplifting journey Marshall Charloff leads us through on his new album UNPERFECT may find his humble title ironic – since, vocally and instrumentally, it’s truly Smooth Jazz perfection in every way.  Drawing on a fascinating background that includes fronting symphony orchestras and touring globally paying tribute to Prince, and work with Atlanta Rhythm Section and The Commodores, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist seamlessly showcases many of the elements that have defined his multifaceted career.  Balancing the romantic acoustic dreaminess and sweet, easy flowing neo-soul, he grooves deeply with affirmative emotional/spiritual messages and two versions of a jam that pays homage to Prince and the sound of Minneapolis that Charloff has been sharing for years.   

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Karen Devroop - Ancestral Home
Karen Devroop
Ancestral HomeKaren Devroop

With the release of his rhythmically eclectic, deeply melodic and wonderfully silky new album ANCESTRAL HOME, internationally renowned, South African saxophone giant Karen Devroop continues to bring his highly spirited, emotionally impactful horn vibes to the world of Smooth Jazz. Building off the momentum of his last album THE SOUTH AFRICAN JAZZ SONGBOOK – which was placed in over 80 of his country’s embassies worldwide – the set includes soaring and lively moments, sensuous balladry, light funk R&B grooves and balmy, freewheeling Latin jazz magic. It’s a joyful bundle that makes the perfect soundtrack for happy days and romantic nights.

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Leonard Dozier : Reset
Leonard Dozier
ResetCineplay Productions

From his Broadway World nomination for Best Actor to his notoriety as an important voice for NFL Films and success as a recording artist, R&B-influenced singer-songwriter Leonard Dozier’s creative expression knows no limits. With stunning atmospheric production by Chris “Big Dog” Davis, his latest single “Sheltered In With You,” from the forthcoming album RESET, is more than simply a wonderfully lush, romantic duet showcasing his velvety vocals paired with singer Tamira Charone. It also acknowledges this challenging era of pandemic and quarantine while offering a hopeful and bright side for lovers, making the most of their extended time together. 

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Dr. Dave and The Housecall Band - Midnight Daydream
Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band
Midnight DaydreamHatherill Records

Turning a onetime clever album title into the name of his high energy ensemble, Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band work major musical healing miracles on their latest album MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM. With a sizzling swirl of pop, R&B, traditional and contemporary jazz, topped off with tasty touches of Latin, blues and swing, Dr. Dave embraces the freedom to improvise more than ever before and tackle jazz classics and a popular TV theme in addition to a slate of ultra-infectious originals. Two new singles out this year from Dr. Dave's coolest collection yet, on the heels of his chart-topping “Sexy Cindy,” (named for Cindy Sanchez Medina, Miss Santander, Colombia 2018), expect the tropical jazz of "Cabo Time" and the sensual title track, "Midnight Daydream" to saunter up the Smooth Jazz charts as well.

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JS Floyd - Check The Forecast
JS Floyd
Check The ForecastForecast Music

After highly distinguished separate careers that collectively included collaborations with Holland-Dozier-Holland, The Supremes, Force MD’s, Jon B., Al B. Sure and New York’s Black Rock Coalition, brothers Jonathan (guitar) and Stafford (keyboards) pool their melodic and rhythmic genius as JS Floyd. Their dazzling, stylistically expansive debut CHECK THE FORECAST blends tasty Smooth Jazz and funk with touches of everything from rap and hip-hop to jazz fusion, and includes a rousing twist on a Ramsey Lewis classic. Their success at spreading musical joy in so many ways truly makes the case for their desire to be known as “The New Distinguished Gentlemen of Smooth Jazz.”  Visit JSFTV for JS Floyd Music TV!

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James Saxsmo Gates - Stepping Out
James Saxsmo Gates
Stepping Out804 Jazz

Closing in on 30 years as a recording artist, Richmond, VA based saxophonist James Saxsmo Gates offers timely words of wisdom to accompany his sonically bold, sweetly sensual and intensely funked-out new album STEPPING OUT. The Founder of the Dr. Billy Taylor Jazz Studies Program at Virginia State University writes, “Together we can make it if… we Keep Jazz Alive!” Six years in the making, the faith-driven project pairs Gates’ steamy, igniting horn fire with a batch of multi-talented collaborators (including guitarists Alan Parker and Freddie Fox) to create the perfect party mix of anthem-like originals and soulful pop covers.

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Gil - Sometimes A Man
Sometimes A

Launching a successful musical career after 30 years in the automotive business, Detroit-based vocalist Gil keeps the romance of his first single, a lush re-imagining of Gino Vanelli’s “Keep on Walking,” with the equally tender and heartfelt “Wishful Thinking.” This vocal adaptation of his longtime friend Earl Klugh’s popular mid 1980’s instrumental song, features lyrics penned by Gil that speak to the spirit of hope amidst ongoing uncertainty. The singer’s gorgeous, soaring, Luther Vandross-esque voice is surrounded by the sweet, lyrical caress of Klugh’s full band, including chart-topping, saxophonist Tom Braxton. 

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Lowell Hopper - No Turning Back
Lowell Hopper
No Turning

One of Smooth Jazz’s most prolific artists and consistent chart-topping hitmakers, 20-year Air Force veteran Lowell Hopper has released an incredible 19 albums over the past quarter century. With a forward-leaning title that blissfully promises many more, his latest collection NO TURNING BACK is much more than feel good, deeply-grooving and joyfully melodic jazz. Offering some of his deepest, most compelling expressions ever, this is also a master class in fluid and intricate electric guitar lines and ambient/atmospheric musical mood setting that runs the emotional gamut between late night vibes and dance floor jams.

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Ron King - Downtown Mama
Ron King
Downtown MamaKing Sounds Records

If you dig Rick Braun, you’ll welcome veteran trumpeter Ron King’s picture-perfect Smooth Jazz debut album DOWNTOWN MAMA with open arms ready to sway and groove. Drawing on a decades-long resume filled with everyone from Frank Sinatra and Marvin Gaye to David Benoit and Jeff Lorber, King and producer Paul Brown fire up the old school, soul-jazz cool and the stylish horn textures while keeping the silk and funk (and a touch of fiery big band energy) flowing. King complements his bright infectious originals with colorful twists on classics by David Sanborn and The Rolling Stones! 

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Keith Mason - I Surrender All
Keith Mason
I Surrender

A versatile bass player for an astonishing 45 years, Keith Mason’s life has been dedicated to and defined by his passion for two things that make his latest album I SURRENDER ALL an emotionally impactful and spiritually edifying delight – music and the Lord. With a Christian Smooth Jazz sound incorporating his love for jazz, R&B, funk and gospel, he showcases his poppin’ basslines in the service of a cool yet rhythmically punchy flow that reflects a rich anointing and some truly amazing grace. The collection was inspired by Mark 8:36 (“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”) and his titles are all expressions of his faith… the thoughtful, inviting and exuberant vibes have been Crafted to lift you up spiritually and engage you intellectually. 

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Paul Messina - Nightwalk
Paul Messina
NightwalkGVAP Music

Hot off THE BIGGER PICTURE, his multi-faceted 2019 dual album with bassist Mark R. Harris, multi-talented veteran flutist and saxophonist Paul Messina stirs up a similarly stylistically eclectic mix on his latest solo album NIGHTWALK. The engaging collection finds the Miami-based artist tapping into his freewheeling passions for funky jazz fusion, balmy Caribbean, Latin and Brazilian, exotic Eastern tinged sounds and magic and lyrical and mystical atmospheric chill-jazz. While alternating between his muscular sax and virtuosic flute – sometimes playfully blending them on a single track – Messina and Platinum and Gold record winning producer/engineer Gary Vandy create their unique sonic world using synths and MIDI programming to artfully manipulate sound. 

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Kenny Polson - Colors Of Brazil
Kenney Polson
Colors Of BrazilRosetta Records

Veteran jazz saxophonist Kenney Polson was born in Kansas City and lives in the Pacific Northwest, but the wild, bustling Carnival joy emanating from his horn and a sizzling array  of exotic grooves and international instruments on COLORS OF BRAZIL pay homage to the five formative years he spent living and performing in the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio. Alternating between the rhythms of excitement and romantic, balmy bossa nova, Polson’s deeper global vision as a well-traveled musical citizen of the world includes stellar guest performances by guitarist Leni Stern, harpist Mariea Antoinette and koto greats Osamu Kitajima and Mitsuki Dazai. 

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Ken Powe - Steppin'
Ken Powe
Steppin'Ken powe

Coinciding with the release of his high spirited, melodically sparkling and deeply grooving 5th album STEPPIN’, veteran keyboardist, composer and producer Ken Powe recently published a book exploring the possibilities of our visions and dreams being divine experiences. Smooth Jazz fans checking out the array of moods and grooves by this vibrationally in tune spiritual and musical explorer may truly feel they’ve entered an urban dreamscape full of colorful and trippy atmospheric textures, eclectic rhythms and dazzling, dramatic ivory runs – all of which draw from Powe’s mult-faceted background in jazz, gospel, R&B, pop and classical music.  

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Danny Rae - Enough For Me
Danny Rae
Enough For MeMaddy J Music

California songsmith and vocalist, Danny Rae celebrates the release of her full album ENOUGH FOR ME on February 19, a compelling collection of musical snapshots of life and love. Despite the age of the young troubadour, her personally penned songs drip of emotion and meaning that speaks to anyone who has braved relationships, self-awareness and healing. Produced by two-time Emmy winning bassist Tony Saunders, this soul-stirring, profound pop can’t help but dip its toe into contemporary jazz with exquisite musicianship and production values. With three previous charting singles, and the latest, “Too Many Sorries,” the highly anticipated album, ENOUGH FOR ME, surely will be enough for a short while before the world demands more Danny Rae!

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Jim Richter - Mr. Kool
Jim Richter
Mr. KoolJamesland Music Management, LLC

Celebrating a multi-faceted, on and off five-decade career that’s found him playing blues, pop/rock and traditional jazz, classically trained guitarist Jim Richter made his debut in 2019 with the impressive, Smooth Jazz charting album BREEZY DAY. This is the killer follow-up collection to his successful entry into the genre. MR. KOOL is infused with a multitude of vibes and grooves – from light funk and punchy pop/rock to dreamy ballads, driving rock jams and blues-fired romps – this collection may remind you of the high spirited, freewheeling way contemporary jazz soared in the 80s and 90s.    

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Les Sabler - Tranquility
Les Sabler
TranquilityNew Vista Records

Launching his fourth decade as a recording artist, Les Sabler brings a dynamic new guitar sound to TRANQUILITY, his first album in four years, thanks to a brilliant suggestion by his producer, fellow guitarist and urban jazz hitmaker and Double Grammy winner, Paul Brown. Brown recommended that Sabler switch from his longtime axe to Brown’s vintage Gibson Johnny Smith model – an electric with unique acoustic qualities and an intricate balance of tone and sustain. Working with Brown’s longtime rhythm section and the punchy horns of Lee Thornburg and Greg Vail, Sabler brings fresh vibrancy, fluidity and sparkle to his trademark super melodic, coolly infectious mid-tempo style. 

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Ilya Serov - Heat
Ilya Serov
Just FriendsSilky Sound Records

Continuing his shift from singing traditionally arranged standards to creating sizzling, Smooth Jazz tracks, Russian born, L.A. based trumpeter Ilya Serov teams with sax star Dave Koz to spark a bright, funky brass duality on his pulsating new single “Heat,” off of his forthcoming album JUST FRIENDS due out later in 2021. The single's fresh sonics extend beyond the simmering grooves, tight melody and balmy tropical touches. Serov engages UK trumpet maker Andy Taylor to build a “Jazzohorn,” a custom hybrid instrument based on a flugelhorn with the shape of a saxophone. Interestingly, Serov waited to record the song until he and composer/guitarist Kay-ta Matsuno had developed the perfect vibe for it!

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Keith Slattery - Duality
Keith Slattery
DualityMaxophone Music

Best known in Smooth Jazz circles for being Lindsey Webster’s longtime producer, co-writer and musical director, gifted keyboardist Keith Slattery also has the distinction of appearing on numerous Grammy-winning albums by diverse talent, from Kanye West to polka legend Jimmy Sturr. From his forthcoming album, DUALITY, Keith’s debut solo single, “It’ll Be Alright” is smooth-groovin’ piano elegance – right up to the moment when special guest Everette Harp kicks up the emotional intensity with his blistering trademark sax gusto. The track’s back and forth dynamics between cool piano and sax charged licks offer up a hopeful, heart-tugging musical journey.  

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Spontaneous Groovin' Combustion - Spontaneous Groovin' Combustion
Spontaneous Groovin' Combustion
Spontaneous Groovin' CombustionTune 9 Records

Rarely has the name of an ensemble so perfectly reflected its dynamic, stylistically eclectic vibe as does Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion, which – under the visionary guidance of composer, producer, saxophonist and flutist Warren A. Keller - kicks up the fast and tight, then slow and steady simmering melodic funk, right from the get-go, on their long-awaited self-titled debut album. Fans of the group’s four previously released singles (also included on this collection) will dig every harmonically colorful, thematically whimsical second as Keller and company build on these infectious foundations to create an urban jazz fusion masterwork.

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Kevin Stevenson - Movin
Kevin Stevenson
Movin'Kevin Stevenson

Forty-one years after Kevin Stevenson moved to NYC to launch his multi-faceted career which has taken him from Broadway productions to television and film as well as work with countless jazz and R&B artists (Cecil Bridgewater, Me’Shell N’Degeocello, Arturo O’Farrill, et al), the versatile drummer/composer makes his Smooth Jazz solo debut with “Movin’,” a playful and feisty track with tight grooves that truly capture the edgy, whimsical cosmopolitan vibe of the Manhattan. As Stevenson drives the drums, saxophonist Jordan Pettay takes the melodic emotional reins, fronting an ensemble that includes well-traveled veterans Matt Carvin (piano), Kevin Ellis (bass) and Bill White (guitar). 

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Aubrey Turner - Strange Fruit
Audrey Turner

After establishing herself as part of her family group Madison Avenue and as a backup singer with Natalie Cole, Audrey Turner learned to sing the blues from collaborating (as an Ikette, then lead singer) with her late husband, the legendary Ike Turner. That slow-burning intensity serves her well on her latest single, a richly soulful, simmering rendition of the classic “Strange Fruit,” which Billie Holiday made famous with a much more subdued version. In addition to showcasing her wide vocal range, Turner adds emotional depth to the song by adding a powerful bridge about “crying mercy” between verses. Important listening in unprecedented times as we celebrate Black History month 2021.

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Under The Lake - Your Horizon Too
Under The Lake
Your Horizon TooMind in Overdrive, Inc.

Propelling powerfully into their second quarter century of hard-jamming live performances and recording, West Coast based phenoms Under The Lake – truly the freewheeling, adventurous West Coast equivalent to Spyro Gyra – infuse their high-octane latest album YOUR HORIZON TOO with a multitude of stylistic excursions built on its grooving Smooth Jazz foundation. Led by founder and keyboardist Jayson Tipp, the core trio adds crackling elements of funk, old school R&B, neo-soul, a true spirit of freewheeling jazz fusion and dashes of mystical cool to their relentlessly inventive mix. Although guitarist Patrick Yandall and saxophonist Quintin Gerard W are billed as featured guests, the two interact powerfully with the band while making the deepest emotional impact with their intense, heartfelt solos. 

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R.L. Walker - Coming Big
R.L. Walker

The three words that form the acronym in big, in COMING BIG, (Blessed. Inspired. Genuine.), the 6th independently released solo album by sensual, easy-grooving saxophonist R.L. Walker, says it all about his intentions and the dynamic vibes he shares. Drawing from his personal spiritual path and background in gospel music, he’s truly feeling blessed, inspired and genuinely showcasing his skillset! Like other gospel/jazz saxophonists such as Kirk Whalum, Walker has a few direct references to his faith, but mostly, his passion plays out via sensual, infectious ballads of varying tempos and old school, soul-jazz leanings. Guests include bassist Brendan Rothwell, vocalist Demetriace “Chee Chee” Jordan and keyboardist/producer/arranger Lew Laing Jr.

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Listening Loft : ESSENTIALS

Antonio Alma  - Drop
Antonio Alma
DropAntonio Alma

It’s right there in Sicilian saxophonist Antonio Alma’s surname – his music is all about soul, and if we’re being even more specific, soul with gospel tinges. Kirk Whalum described his 2013 album PERSONAL ENCOUNTER as “full of soul.” Alma brings his sense of deeply lyrical R&B/jazz to his latest single “Drop,” a wistful, slow-burning seduction that’s cozy Smooth Jazz romance at its most vibrant. Alma’s video for the track, featuring gorgeous fall foliage and him playing his horn in beautiful, natural surroundings, is a must-see!

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Pat Belliveau - The C.B. Shuffle
Pat Belliveau
The C.B. ShuffleBellTones Music

A versatile Canadian saxophonist whose resume includes jazz legends (Herbie Hancock, Randy Brecker) and playing for three Canadian Prime Ministers, Pat Belliveau packs a two-fisted, funky urban meets improvisational trad jazz punch with his explosive new maxi-single. The latest recording includes the moody, easy grooving and slow simmering “Roscoe’s Big Mama Special” paying homage to the landmark L.A. restaurant “Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles,” and the deeply percussive, sax and trumpet-driven “The C.B. Shuffle,” which opens with the classic Toto “Rosanna” beat, and offers a loving tribute to the laid-back gait of Belliveau’s late father.

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Carol Duboc - Restless
Carol Duboc
RestlessGold Note Music, Inc.

Music veteran, Carol Duboc returns with her collaborative partner, Grammy-winning producer and keyboardist Jeff Lorber on her 9th release, RESTLESS. Lorber has been supporting the prolific songwriter’s ventures since her debut solo album DUBOC in 2002. The dynamic relationship reaches new creative heights, as RESTLESS is an extraordinary blend of killer old school vibes, sparkling solos and soulful vocals with compelling lyrical narratives. Featuring legendary flutist Herbert Laws, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr, and drummer Gary Novak. The best Duboc yet!

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Walter Duda - Search For Inspiration
Walter Duda
Search For InspirationWorld Alert Records

Marking the 20th anniversary of his jazz fusion-oriented debut DAYLIGHT AGAIN, veteran pianist, composer and vocalist Walter Duda releases an appropriately titled new EP, SEARCH FOR INSPIRATION. A delightfully eclectic showcase for his multitude of passions and influences, the project vibes with a dynamic ensemble of NYC stalwarts including bassist Will Lee, guitarists Tim DeHuff and Al Ferrante and drummer Scott Lebish. Duda balances his breezily melodic, easy-grooving Smooth Jazz sensibilities with dreamy pop/soul vocals and thoughtful, classical leaning new age piano pieces.  

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Duffmusiq - Sidewalk Sequel

To draw from the title of his 2017 debut SOULLEASH, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning Canadian producer Duffmusiq’s sizzlingly funky new album SIDEWALK SEQUEL truly reveals a musical soul unleashed and ready for nonstop blues and jazz action. The multi-faceted, constantly grooving collection offers a dynamic swirl of tight, feisty grooves, slick, fluid melodic guitar lines and sensual sensibilities that darts playfully from a wildly funky, horn-fired James Brown danceability to slow-simmering romantic vibes. 

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Billy Evans - Colorful Groove
Billy Evans
Colorful GrooveJanish Music

Growing up in the Pentacostal Church, veteran Richmond, VA based pianist, vocalist and composer Billy Evans was exposed to a wide array of rhythms, percussive sounds, vocal improvisations and piano styles – all of which he draws upon to fashion the perfectly titled Smooth Jazz collection, COLORFUL GROOVE, his first full-length recording in ten years. Featuring Evans’ dynamic musicianship and vocal coolness, the uplifting collection is all at once silky, funky, inspirational and  romantic. 

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Louie Fitzgerald - Master Peace
Louie Fitzgerald
Master PeaceStratophonics Music Group, LLC

Since resuming his recording career after a ten year break in 2020, multi-faceted Tennessee-based composer, keyboardist and producer Louie Fitzgerald has been on an unstoppable ultra-melodic and easy grooving streak, releasing three full length albums – including his latest, the cleverly titled MASTER PEACE. A master of infectious, feel-good compositions, the well-traveled musical veteran plays every instrument, keeping his piano up front while adding synth colors and gospel-tinged organ harmonies, in addition to bass and drums. Reminiscent of Bob James’ stylings, MASTER PEACE will help you master peacefulness with the album’s cool grooves and soulful vibes!

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Mike Murray - Cruisin
Mike Murray
CruisinMike Murray

Mike Murray’s decision to switch from his early passion for drums to following in his father’s footsteps as a pianist has been an adventurous, melodic and groove-filled blessing for Smooth Jazz as well as the Chillout music scene. On CRUISIN, his 25th release (albums and EPs) since 2007, the multi-talented, ultra-prolific composer/instrumentalist goes the unpredictable, unbridled George Duke inspired route, complementing his jazzy piano and synth melodies and soulful grooves with polyrhythmic, sonically expansive textures on tunes with colorful titles… this is top down, taking the scenic route, driving music!

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Nex Lev'l Band - Got My Top Down
Nex Lev'l Band
Got My Top DownNex Lev'l Band

If you’re a longtime fan of Pieces of a Dream, you’ll love GOT MY TOP DOWN the fresh, new album by Baltimore urban jazz outfit Nex Lev’l Band. Driven by the deep funk grooves of founder/drummer Morris "Pinky" Harris, also known as Mr. Pocket Himself and bassist Ernest Rahim. The vibrant, high octane opening title track ignites the stack with a dazzling melodic and improvisational piano flow by world-class pianist Dawoud Said. The project's second single, on the heels of "Nita," which was played on radio stations around the world, and featured Pieces member Eddie Baccus, Jr. on saxophone, is the percolating, acoustic guitar driven, "Mornin' Blend." A smooth easy brew of upbeat contemporary jazz served with style and excitement!

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The Moore Twins - Feels So Good
The Moore Twins
Feels So GoodLounge Renown Records

Not since the emergence of The Braxton Brothers has the urban side of Smooth Jazz been so graced with the kind of brotherly love and sensual, funky magic as we’re hearing now from The Moore Twins. Their perfectly titled, buoyant and bouncy hit, “Feels So Good,” features the Chicago born, Huntsville AL based Jeremiah (bass) and John III (keyboards) as they stir up some silky soul and totally in the pocket jazzy joy with help from guest saxophonist Adrian Crutchfield’s explosive horn energy. One listen will have you feeling so good!

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John William Flautist - Melodic Ascension
John William - Flautist
Melodic AscensionJohn William, Flautist LLC

A few years ago, the veteran Atlanta club performer who dubs himself John William, Flautist contributed to the soundtrack of the “Superfly” remake. The mix of fantastic atmospheres, super deep soul grooves and gritty street vibes on his multi-faceted debut collection MELODIC ASCENSION sounds like music from a fashionable, urban drama with a redemptive romance. Drawing from his extensive background in gospel, R&B, hip-hop and neo-soul, William surrounds his beautiful flute melodies with high energy horns, silky sax and liquid soul cool. 

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