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Smooth Jazz Charts : How they work?

Music Charts rank recorded music according to certain criteria during a given period. The most common period covered by a Chart is one week, with the Chart being published at the end of this time period.

Many different criteria are used to create a variety of Music industry Charts, including Music Sales, Streams, and Radio Airplay. 

Smooth Jazz Airplay Charts rank collected, weekly Airplay data (spins) from a panel of participating Radio Stations and Shows.

Music Charts have become an increasingly important way to measure the commercial success of individual songs and albums with the data utilized by Artists/Record Labels, Music Broadcasters, Radio Programmers, Talent Buyers, etc. 

There are a handful of Music Charts in Smooth Jazz, each using different monitoring methods; we set out to define the differences here for your education and discernment.


Chart Reporters Vetting Guide

Keeping Radio station panel databases updated and current is essential for accurate Radio Airplay Charts. delivers 100% accuracy each week with built-in regulatory systems that patrol for on-air status, format integrity and new music relevance for every station on our Radio Reporting Panel.

The same is not true for all Smooth Jazz Airplay Charts, as noted in each Chart Reporting Panel below.


Chart Reporter Flipped Chart Reporter Multi-Cast Chart Reporter Off-Air

FLIPPED = Changed formats, no longer playing Smooth Jazz

MULTICAST = Repeater Stream (Clone) of another Radio Station

OFF AIR = No longer broadcasting Top 100 Album Charts

REPORTING PANEL : 70 Audio-Monitored Int'l Stations/Shows inc. full Billboard Panel + 5 FLA Network Stations
Quality checked weekly for On-Air Status, Format Integrity and Spin Relevancy.

Billboard Smooth Jazz Singles Chart

REPORTING PANEL : 14 Mediabase Monitored + Manual Reporting FM/HD/SAT Stations (USA/Canada only)

SJ Network Top 20 Countdown Show (Listener Likes)

34 Syndicated Streaming Affiliates

Radiowave Groove Jazz Top 100 Singles Chart

REPORTING PANEL : Airplay Detections from 38 Active Stations