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Are Multicasts Radio stations?

Multicasts are not exactly individual Radio Stations. They are essentially cloned relays of one main stream or broadcast, sometimes using different logos or websites to appear as unique stations, but are more like "pop-up" or "shell" stations used to grab more potential listeners on various streaming platforms like RadionomyiHeart, Tune-In, or Shoutcast

Spread across multiple platforms, the average listener may perceive Multicasts as totally separate Radio Stations rather than just one broadcast being delivered through many different brands. In some cases these Multicasts are simply different bit rates of the Main stream. 

Florida Smooth Jazz Network Multi-Casts

Similarly, when cloned Radio Stations are displayed on a Radio Promoter's Station Contact List or as part of a Radio Network, they may be perceived by Artists as independently programmed Radio Stations, which they are not. 

Smooth Jazz Network List


How Do Multicasts affect radio charts? 

There are no inherent issues with Multicasts as part of a Radio Network, until they interact with Chart systems and attempt to present as more than one broadcast.

Too many streams playing the same Playlist programmed by ONE Network owner will have an unfair influence over a Chart and create a rollercoaster effect in regards to Adds and Drops.

To avoid this,'s Chart system, as well as notable Industry Charts, offer reporting protection against Multicasts, Syndicated shows and Network Station Affiliates.

Please Note: Paying for Airtime on Multicasts will not drive your music up the Charts as the Network only has reporting status for a limited number of unique stations/streams.


Airplay vs. Listenership

Airplay is great, but Listenership matters most! Even with all Network and/or Multicast streams combined, they rarely deliver as many listeners as heritage Internet broadcaster Global.

Average Quarter Hour represents the number of people listening to a station during any given fifteen minute period. Below AQH was sampled in November 2020. 

Florida Smooth Jazz Network Stations

Shoutcast Bitrates


Network Multicast Example - From 8 Stations come 31 Clones

Give it a try! Click each Stream to hear duplicates of each Main Station. 
Smooth Jazz Florida
Smooth Jazz Florida
Smooth Jazz Florida HD
Smooth Jazz WSJF DB
Smooth Jazz Florida Plus
Smooth Jazz Box Miami
Smooth Jazz Florida Plus HD
Smooth Jazz Florida 64k
Florida Smooth Jazz
South Florida Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay
Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay
Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay HD
Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay 64k
Smooth Jazz Tampa
Smooth Jazz Tampa Plus
Smooth Jazz Tampa Mobile 64k
Smooth Jazz WJTB.DB
Love Jazz Florida
Love Jazz Florida
Love Radio 93.9 
Love Smooth Jazz Music

Relax Smooth Jazz

Relax Smooth Jazz
A1 Smooth Jazz Oasis
A1 Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz Smooth Wave
Smooth Jazz Smooth Wave
Smooth Jazz Wave
Smooth Jazz Wave Boca Raton
Smooth Jazz Wave Sarasota
Smooth Jazz Wave Sarasota HD
Smooth Jazz Wave Worldwide
The Wave Smooth Jazz
The Wave Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz The Wave
Smooth Jazz The Wave HD
Smooth Jazz The Oasis

Smooth Jazz Mix New York

Smooth Jazz MIX New York
Smooth Jazz New York
Smooth Jazz New York City
CD 101.9 FM
CD 101.9 Smooth Jazz
CD 101.9 New York 64k