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Since the beginning of the millennium, has provided the Smooth Jazz Community an opportunity to connect around the world. Artists connect with the global audience, Radio Stations, Promoters and Talent Buyers and Events connect with Attendees and Ticket Buyers, while Listeners are able to connect with their favorite music!

Our multimedia music platform offers global visibility to millions of users in more than 200 countries through Art, Technology, and Design.

Airplay on Global Radio is at our discretion, marketing campaigns and promotional services are available to Artists and Events that meet our genre standards and quality criteria.


JAZZBLAST PROMOTION (Dedicated Email Blasts)

Contact Button The Original JazzBlast  $599 EA | $999 TWO

Digital distribution with elegant design and functionality offering multimedia technology and presentation to allow email subscribers, including consumers, industry professionals, radio stations & programmers, talent buyers, event producers and social media followers to connect and interact. 150k+ Recipients




  • Dedicated Radio Promotion ( Recommends)Contact Button
    $2,200 for 8-week campaign ($275/week)
    $3,000 for 12-week campaign ($250/week)

    From setting your official Going For Adds date (GFA) with industry airplay charts to digitally delivering your latest single to 250+ worldwide radio stations, program directors, DJs and playlist curators (including        & Billboard (BDS) reporting radio panels), music industry veteran Dayle Murphy heads up's Radio Promo Dept with committed, weekly follow through including phone and email support on your behalf. Service also includes a detailed weekly report with station adds, spins and trends.

  • Contact ButtonStarburst Radio Digital Delivery Blast Campaign - $1,199 (DIY - Do It Yourself)        
    Dedicated Digital Delivery GreenStream JazzBlast to 250+ worldwide radio stations, program directors, DJs and playlist curators with artwork featuring embedded media including high res 320k mp3 file with clean metadata, video (as applicable) and a professional review written by Jonathan Widran. Includes        & Billboard (BDS) reporting radio panels. Featured for one-month on the Radar Chart w/weekly tracking as well as Audio Fingerprinting (Global Database) and Listening Loft feature. This campaign includes access to radio station contact database.

  • New Single Radio Launcher - $499 Contact Button
    Launch your new single professionally with our support! From setting your GFA date (Going For Adds) on the Billboard Smooth Jazz and Charts, to having your digital files radio readied with ISRC and metadata, audio fingerprinting (Global Music database matching), and added to our New Releases calendar, the New Single Release Launcher package is cost-effective and sure-fired to guarantee results.
    Add $200 for Digital Delivery Radio GreenStream to 250+ worldwide radio stations, program directors, DJs, etc. Includes Billboard Smooth Jazz & Chart reporters.

  • Full Album Professional Metadata & Audio Fingerprinting - $299Contact Button 
    All album tracks encoded with metadata, fingerprinted and uploaded to Global Music database to provide the ultimate radio-ready album song files so that Smooth Jazz radio programmers may select any of your tracks for airplay and you will receive spin credit! Includes Private radio station access link on Soundcloud for digital delivery.

STREAMING PROMOTION - Reach Spotify Playlist Curators 


Promote your music to Smooth Jazz Playlist curators around the world with's dedicated, hands-on support to access some of the most listened to Jazz Playlists featuring Smooth, Contemporary Jazz featuring Soulful Vocals and Instrumental Music.


COMING SOON!Contact Button


$799 Contact Button

Connect to some 400 Smooth Jazz talent buyers including festival promoters, event producers, series coordinators and venues with's acclaimed Booking Blast package. The email Dossier presents your best side with professional organization, performance credentials and an embedded video, industry achievements, career highlights and quotes. Campaign includes two sends of the Blast, access to talent buyer database contacts for 6 months and featured in our Touring Artists section. <Sample Dossier>

PEN & INK (Design & Writing)


  • Cover Art (jpeg) Contact Button

  • Contact ButtonFacebook Timeline Cover | Twitter Header

  • Contact Button One-sheet

  • Contact ButtonBanners

  • Contact Button Artist Bio - Short (300 Words) $150

  • Contact Button Artist Bio - Long (500 Words) $250

  • Contact Button One-sheet Design

  • Contact Button Press Release 

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