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JazzBlasts :

Buy Button$500 The Original JazzBlast - A variety of strategic direct emails featuring multi-media, graphically stunning presentations blasted to subscribers including consumers, radio programmers, talent buyers, festival producers and social media followers (150,000 combined).

SAMPLES : Artist | Premium Radio | Essential Radio | Radio PR | New Music | Booking | On Tour | Grammy | Event | Lifestyle

Radio Promotion : Global has partnered with music industry leaders offering access to full service radio promotion campaigns as well as our in-house Radio Promo and PR.

  • Buy Button$150 4 Weeks Buy Button$50 Per Week Weekly Airplay Tracking : Adds & Spins ( Charts)
    Track the Reporting Panel of radio stations around the world to see which stations are adding your music and how many times they're playing you per week. Receive complete tracking details via email immediately upon the publication of our weekly chart. Service included in all Music Marketing campaigns.
  • Buy Button$500 Radio GreenStream JazzBlast Delivery : Digital One-Sheet with embedded media (single high res mp3 and video) serviced to the Reporting Radio Panel which includes 70% of Billboard Chart reporters.
  • Buy Button$100 Set Up Fee Digital Album Service : We'll help you save time and the cost of production and sending physical CDs to radio stations with our professional digital album distribution via Soundcloud. Service includes song conversion to high-res mp3, full album meta data and a custom, radio-ready, download link.
  • Buy Button$550 Digital Album Service w/Radio GreenStream JazzBlast : Add our Digital One-Sheet with embedded media and let us service your full album to the Reporting Radio Panel which includes 70% of Billboard Chart reporters. ($50 Savings - Includes Soundcloud Digital Set-up)
  • Buy Button$1200 6 Weeks Radio Promo & PR w/Laura Rieder : The Seattle-based Public Relations specialist is one of the biggest new media-focused influencers in contemporary jazz radio promotion. With a combination of clever conversation and creative writing, along with our popular Radio GreenStream JazzBlast technology, Laura brings a new spin to radio promo, targeting the more than 60 reporting reporting radio stations around the world (includes 70% of Billboard reporting stations). Global also partners with Full Service Radio Promoters, Gorov Music Marketing. The experience and industry relationships of the father and son team of Cliff and Jason Gorov, have helped create mega stars over the decades, including Dave Koz, Boney James, Peter White, Sade and more. The Gorov's Full Service promotion will help you strategize every step, from releasing your music to obtaining radio airplay. Call your Rep for details.
  • Buy Button$1800 6 Weeks / Gorov Music Marketing Digital Delivery Promotion :
    Save CD reproduction Reporting Panel and Billboard Smooth Jazz Reporting Panel. Save CD reproduction expenses and shipping costs, while benefiting from professional, digital design and technology while leveraging the expertise of the industry's Premier radio promotion company for Contemporary Jazz/Smooth AC.

Distribution :

Through a strategic partnership with CDBaby, we can help you set up your own independent store for Global on-line and physical music sales distribution through 95+ digital partners and some 15,000 record stores with weekly payouts!

  • Buy Button$299 Professional Package : 1 Album/EP/Single listed on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon MP3, PLUS FaceBook Store. Detailed Accounting, Stats and Weekly Payouts.
  • Buy Button$249 Standard Package : 1 Album/EP/Single listed on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon MP3. Detailed Accounting, Trends, Stats and Weekly Payouts.

Studio :

35+ years of picking chart topping hits for Adult Contemporary, Triple A and Contemporary Jazz Radio, Global Founder, Sandy Shore has well-respected ears in the industry. We know what turns radio on and can help you maximize radio acceptance. From radio edits with sophisticated fades to clever re-mixes from our Grammy-winning associates, we can help you achieve success and make your dreams come true!

  • Buy Button$100 Radio Single Selection by Sandy Shore. Service included in all Music Marketing campaigns.
  • Buy Button$150 Per Song Custom Radio Edit by Sandy Shore
  • Inquire Starts at $500 Custom Radio Remix by Paul Brown

Videos :

Music fans love video... it helps sell music and increase audience and music industry professionals use artist videos to book and promote their events. Plus it's another revenue stream when you monetize your YouTube channel.

  • Buy Button$395 Promo Video Feature : Add visuals to your Audio feature
  • Buy Button$595 Performance Video - Assist your booking w/cool montage inc. video, pics + audio
  • Buy Button$595 Song Video (Basic) - Features pics + pre-produced footage
  • Buy Button$695 Song Video (D*Lux) - Features live footage, lyrics (optional) + custom production

ARTIST VIDEO SAMPLES : Tony Lindsay | Peet Project | Waldino | Sylvia Bennett

EVENT VIDEO SAMPLES : Steel City Jazz Festival | Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival | Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival

Tools :

Present yourself with confidence and meet industry standards with professionally written and designed assets including biography, press releases, and graphic design.

  • Buy Button$150 Artist Bio - Short (300 Words)
  • Buy Button$250 Artist Bio - Long (600 Words)
  • Buy Button$350 Press Release - New Release, Tour, Career Announcement
  • Buy Button$150 Social Media Graphics (Facebook Timeline Cover/Twitter Header)

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