Airplay Submission

Step 1 - Prep


We recommend song files ripped at 320k mp3. To do this in iTunes go to Preferences > General > Import Settings (Custom). Please make sure Variable Bit Rate is not selected.


We would appreciate proper meta data with your audio files, and this will certainly impress our radio friends when you submit your music to the broadcasting community. Use a music file editor like iTunes, Windows Media Player or Media Monkey. 

EDIT INFO IN iTUNES : Add the song to your iTunes Library. Either Play the song or select it in Library, click on the 3 dots to the right of the track to access GET INFO. In the Details tab, EDIT the fields for Artist, Year, Album Artist, and Album. Select the Artwork tab to drag and drop your artwork into the image field. Select the FILE tab to make sure the bit rate is 320 kbps.  


Step 2 - Post


CHOICE 1 - Submit your Name, Email and Phone contact info along with your audio files to via your preferred file transfer service (WeTransfer, HighTail, etc.)

CHOICE 2 - DropBox the files to us using Place audio in a Folder labeled Artist Name and Album Title (example : Maysa - Back 2 Love) and with a single, just the Artist Name and the Song Title (example : Nathan East - Daft Funk).

Please provide as much detail as you can give us:

- Artist or Band Name

- Contact Name

- Email & Phone 

- Album / EP / Single Title

- Release Date

- Going for Adds Date (if applicable)


Step 3 - Play


It is not necessary for you to download and sign our Airplay Authorization waiver with your music submission, however, if you do this in advance, and we accept your music for airplay, this will expedite your inclusion on our radio station(s).
Download Airplay Authorization Waiver

NOTE : We do pay all songwriting and publishing royalties to BMI and ASCAP. We also link to your on-line distribution with every spin to help support your music sales, However, due to imposing a fee structure based on listenership regardless of income, in order to remain solvent, we are not members of Sound Exchange due to the excessive fees they impose upon Internet radio only.  Signing the Airplay Authorization form is simply an acknowledgement of this fact. Get more information @ Airplay Waiver FAQs


Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to review your submission, this is usually faster, but sometimes we experience a back up. If you have not heard from us in 2 weeks, please feel free to email a friendly reminder to


If you are an artist currently involved in a radio promotion and/or seeking a Global Music Marketing campaign, please write RUSH in the subject line of your music submission email or contact our office @ 831-649-1223.

We look forward to hearing your music!

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Rowan Meert - Programming Assistant
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