No Messin' Video Sessions

In response to thousands of questions by thousands of artists over the years, has launch a new Video Series to help you navigate your way through the today's Smooth Jazz Community & Music Industry using our helpful new tools in our new SMOOTHJAZZ.COM EDU.


FEB 2021 - Radio Airplay and Promotion Accountability

Click to listen in on our "NO MESSIN' VIDEO SESSION" featuring Founders, Sandy Shore & Donna K. Phillips, and Social Media & Radio Promotion Director Dayle Murphy, as they discuss the New Smooth Jazz Radio Landscape, Radio Airplay and Promotion Accountability.

No Messin' Session on Radio Airplay and Promotion Accountability



MAR 2021 - Live Events Coming Back from Covid

Click to Listen in on our "NO MESSIN' VIDEO SESSION" featuring Founder Sandy Shore, Event Marketing Director Esther Healy, Omega Events President Rich Sherman, International Booking Agent Maria Matias and Acoustic Alchemy Artist Manager James Coxhead as they discuss the current climate for live music events around the world during the Coronavirus pandemic.

No Messin' Session on Live Music Events


APR 2021 - MetaData and Audio Fingerprinting

Listen in on's NO MESSIN’ VIDEO SESSION #3 featuring Founders Sandy Shore & Donna K. Phillips, along Chart Administrator & Music Director Rowan Meert, as they discuss making your music Radio-ready, offering helpful information about MetaData, Audio Fingerprinting, naming conventions and more hidden secrets behind successfully preparing your track for Airplay in a digital world.

No Messin’ Session on MetaData and Audio Fingerprinting




MAY 2021 - Music Marketing and Radio Promotion

Another No Messin' Session with's Sandy Shore and Sue Parker, along with special artist guest, Sylvia Bennett discussing the differences and benefits of Music Marketing and Radio Promotion. Radio Promotion is marketing to Radio Stations and Global Music Marketing hits the entire Smooth Jazz community around the world, including Radio, but also reaches consumers, social media users, streamers, fellow artists, talent buyers, and festival producers.


 SKIP NAVIGATION       9+  Avatar image     0:06 / 25:04   No Messin' Session on Music Marketing and Radio Promotion