DECEMBER 11, 2020- Terry Wollman

Sandy Shore – Founder/CEO of, Visionary Radio Personality & Global Music Innovator

She thought she could and so she did. This California radio personality, concert event producer and global music innovator has been on the radio since she was 15 years old, starting her career on John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row in Monterey, California in 1979. She has worked her way up and down the Coast to broadcast on many respected FM frequencies including The Wave in Los Angeles and KKSF in San Francisco.

Known in the music industry as a visionary in regards to Internet


JANUARY 1, 2020- Michael Chatfield - Carmel Magazine

Bassist Nathan East returns to Sandy Shore's Jazz Weekender event, which takes place at Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel Valley over Valentine's Weekend.

Carmel Magazine Jazz Weekender 2020


JUNE 2, 2019- Global

Things just got a lot better for contemporary jazz recording artists… the Top 100 and Top 100 INDIE Charts present a bigger picture of the New Music landscape for radio programmers as well as music consumers by presenting a weekly panorama of 100 of the most played Smooth Jazz albums in the world! 

Now with twice as many albums on each chart, with airplay reporting provided by a large,


JUNE 2, 2019- The American Dream TV

American Dream Interview Carmel, CA













Top Pebble Beach and Carmel realtor, KIM DIBENEDETTO (


FEBRUARY 14, 2019- Beth Peerless - Monterey County Herald

Where it’s at: A weekend of jazz music and lifestyle


Love is in the air! Let the celebration begin! If you’re going to do something exceptional with a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably already made some


AUGUST 30, 2018- Donna Phillips

In Celebration of the Monterey Jazz Festival, Co-founder & VP Donna Phillips, talks about the global appeal of JAZZ  with Paulette Lynch, host of YourTown.TV. In this interview, Donna, tells the story of how and why the platform was invented to broaden the appeal of Jazz music, artists and lifestyle events worldwide since it's growth from an online ticket outlet for Radio Personality, Sandy Shore's Monterey Peninsula Concerts to the world's most far reaching


AUGUST 1, 2018- Sandy Shore

Just as the Monterey Bay is in the center of the iconic California coastline... SMOOTHJAZZ.COM is at the heart of the global Smooth Jazz community; the hub for this lifestyle music genre. Rustic yet cosmopolitan, sophisticated yet relaxed. We entwine the on-line, multimedia music platform with its own unique musical gathering at Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel.

California radio personality and founder, SANDY SHORE has envisioned an


JUNE 6, 2018- Lisa Crawford Watson (Monterey Herald)

Smooth jazz is a chameleon. It is stepping out of a club and into the cool streets of New York City at dawn. It is sitting behind a pair of retro-square sunglasses while sipping a mojito in Majorca. It’s coffee that’s gone cold, sheets that are still warm, rivulets of rain down a window, watching a pretty woman dance. It is not your grandfather’s jazz. But there’s a good chance he’d get the groove.

Sandy Shore got it really early. Raised in Pacific Grove, she was on the radio on Cannery Row at 15 and, ultimately, throughout California and across the country, with a voice like a


OCTOBER 19, 2017- Sandy Shore stays ahead of the curve once again, by becoming the very first Internet Radio App to become available for download from the NEW Apple TV 4 App Store. Previous Apple TV versions did not have access to outside independent Apps until Apple TV 4. Directly after the release of our newly designed "Smooth Global" Mobile App for iOS & Android phones and tablets, we began development on our new Apple TV version of the App, to allow our Apple TV listeners to upgrade their listening experience to SmoothJazz.