JULY 20, 2017- Herbie Hancock

On behalf of UNESCO and the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, please accept my thanks for your contribution in support of the 2017 edition of International Jazz Day. Due in part to your efforts, the worldwide celebration on April 30 was a resounding success.

As you know, the reach of this year's Jazz Day extended well outside the Global Host City of Havana, Cuba. I am pleased to note that programs again took place in over 190 UNESCO member states. Furthermore, more than one millions people around the world enjoyed the spectacular concert from the Gran Teatro de La Habana via


APRIL 28, 2017- by Sandy Shore

The World's first on-line Jazz radio station, Global, releases a totally unique and updated Smooth Music and Lifestyle App offering two handcrafted radio stations, an exciting travel portal featuring the hottest Jazz Festivals and Music Events around the world, plus a new music Listening Loft, weekly Airplay Charts, and the latest music videos all with convenient click-to-buy buttons for purchasing music, event tickets and booking travel. 

Debuting at the European hot spot, the Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival at the Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa during the annual


APRIL 21, 2017- by RooAnne Joaquin

Within the hometown community of Pacific Grove lives a Smooth Jazz radio pioneer and personality who goes by the name Sandy Shore. Even in her childhood and early adulthood, it was evident that Shore was destined to be a superstar. Her passion has always been rooted in radio, even as young as 8 year old, she wanted to be a radio DJ and would interview people with her microphone. As a teen, she dabbled in music-making and played the guitar and piano. By the age of 15, she was already on the local radio station.


JANUARY 3, 2014- by Mike Ragogna

MIKE RAGONA : It's Official, Smooth Jazz is in the top 5 formats on the internet. You must be pretty excited about it's current status.

SANDY SHORE : We've never given up on the idea that this music mix would be well received globally. At least the way we present it, the format is really the best of the best from Contemporary Jazz, Pop, Funk, Chillout/Lounge, Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, World Music and even accented by vocals and therefore crosses the language barriers with ease, which obviously makes it appealing on an international level. And most


MAY 15, 2012- by Ryan Whaley 

Listen, Like, Buy New Music in the Listening Loft Store, Discover Festivals, Track Airplay Charts and Connect with Artists all from the palm of your hand.

From Green Door Mediaworks.

APRIL 8, 2008- by Carol Archer founder Sandy Shore knew she wanted to work in radio by the time she was 8. She began her radio career in 1979 at age 15, which eventually encompassed air work at KTWV (the Wave)/Los Angeles and KKSF/San Francisco, Flash forward to the '90's, when she got wind that Mapleton trip A / Americana hybrid KPIG/Monterey was actually broadcasting in programming on the Internet. The realization of cyberspace's potential as a major media platform was a revelation that struck her like a lightning bolt.


APRIL 3, 2008- by Carol Archer (Radio & Records) is now available on the Apple iPhone, which takes the original Smooth Jazz Internet radio station off the Net and into the mobile world, including cars. iPhone users simply download the free broadcasting software from, and they are all set to receive hundreds of popular Internet radio stations including and it's chilled out spin-off,


FEBRUARY 10, 2006- by Carol Archer (Radio & Records)

Through an arrangement with Netherlands-based Music Media Enterprises Europe Ltd., Radio is now covering the globe with it's digital-quality radio stations via satellite and cable platforms to 268 countries and seven continents. MME develops and partners with professional radio stations around the world to expand broadcast coverage on satellite, cable, and FM/AM in order to develop radio sales and marketing of unique radio content.