Smooth Jazz Charts

The Future of Smooth Jazz at Billboard

As of November 2022, Mediabase, the 360-degree music industry reporting service, will replace Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) in supplying tracking services for the Billboard Charts. 

Apparently 6 or 8 of the previous Billboard Smooth Jazz reporting panel of radio stations is starting with the first week, including WEIB, KUNV, KOAZ, WCLK, SJN and SiriusXM Watercolors.

It is unclear at this time if the Billboard Smooth Jazz reporting panel will grow and expand to include more than U.S. terrestrial and satellite radio stations.

No Messin' Session on Radio Airplay and Promotion Accountability

In response to thousands of questions by thousands of artists over the years, has launch a new Video Series to help you navigate your way through the today's Smooth Jazz Community & Music Industry using our helpful new tools in our new SMOOTHJAZZ.COM EDU.