Smooth Artist Interviews

Andrea Razzauti
Andrea Razzauti
Andrea Razzauti
Andrea Razzauti

What's your absolute favorite part of the World, and why?

My favorite place in this world is a place where only my imagination has taken me. And this is what "Painting the Music" is about.

How would you describe what inspires you to do what you do?

I firmly believe, and remain convinced, that the emotion is the primary source for inspiration (and visa versa). For the last decade I have concentrated the intensity of my focus to bringing this aspect (point) more prominently to the surface. And, to this end, devoted the majority of my time and effort to this aesthetic emotional impact, and, as well, how it might best be cross pollinated to present the art and the music in the most stirring way possible.

As I see it: the subject suggest the expression. While an artist's observation will likely offer a myriad of choices to be considered, when the experience is strong enough, a particular expression reveals itself, and the artist is thus moved to follow the call - We are compelled to present the message via a painting, a musical composition, a sculpture, a poem, a film, a novel etc. -- sometimes a combination of any or all-- and so it is for me..., sometimes it's the painting... sometimes it's the music... sometimes it's both!

What elements do you look for in a song that makes it especially satisfying for you to perform?

As a composer I'm definitely seeking a remarkable melody. As a guitarist my approach of a solo is based on surrounding the melody with harmonies.

Who would you say has been the single biggest influence in your life in getting you to where you are now in your career?

I grew up in Tuscany, Italy the land of Renaissance from an artist-musician family. This has been a major influence/inspiration for my career.

What would your top "desert island" classic albums be, regardless of genre... the albums you turn to time after time for your own personal enjoyment and inspiration?

"Desert Island" album, this is tough. I have a few: Electric Ladyland- Jimi Hendrix, Amoroso-Joao Gilberto, Q's Jook Joint-Quincy Jones, Abby Road-Beattles, Intermezzo Il Sognio del Ratcliff- Pietro Mascagni

What would be the most important piece of advice you'd impart to a young musician just starting out in the jazz/smooth jazz arena?

If you really love what you do, dont be obsessed about success or other egocentric ambitions. Be honest and true to yourself as an artist. Perservere with dedication and love. Learning is never enough. Develop your technique and style to be able to express yourself.