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We've always held the belief that there's more to the music than the songs... SMOOTH is a lifestyle, a celebration, a philosophy. Now you can book your own journey with SMOOTH TRAVEL and join us all over the world to experience colorful and musical gatherings with like minded individuals who come together to the experience SMOOTH JAZZ lifestyle with live performances, artist connection, world-class accommodations and artful food and drink in some of the most music-drenched destinations in the world!

Carmel, California, USA
FEB 13-16.2020
Tahiti, French Polynesia
October 16-23, 2021
The SmoothTravel Crew
Sandy Shore
Content Director
Sandy Shore - SmoothTravel Content Director
Donna Phillips
Design + Video
Donna Phillips - Co-Founder/VP Design
Paula Arnold
Smooth Travel Agent
Paula Arnold - Smooth Travel Agent
Esther Byrne
Event Coordinator
Esther Byrne
Dayle Murphy
Production + Social Media
Dayle Murphy - Production + Social Media