Smooth Global App expands to CarPlay + iWatch

Now you can listen on Apple CarPlay + Apple Watch SMOOTH GLOBAL Mobile App is now available on Apple's CarPlay feature in iOS Version 2.14.0. Toggle between 2 different listening experiences by simply touching either the and Logos.

We also added our enormously popular LIKE button to CarPlay and Apple TV (Version 2.22.0). Now you can LIKE songs the that move you in the moment and on our Last Hour Playlist, driving the Artists up the Listener Countdown


Apple CarPlay and iWatch


Smooth Global CarPlay App

Smooth Global on iOS Phones & iPads   Smooth Global on Apple CarPlay  Smooth Global on Apple TV 4    

To get all the latest features + fixes, update your Apps to the latest versions.
 (iPhone/iPad/CarPlay  2.14.0 | Apple TV4  2.22.0 | Android  1.4.2)