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Urban Underground

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of recording a new album?

Being in the same room as the other artists/musicians, for obvious reasons.

Who would you say has been the single biggest influence in your life in getting you to where you are now in your career?

My Cousin Robert 'Bobby' Clarke (RIP), Auntie Vivian Alexander (RIP) and Uncle Alvin Quarles (RIP).

What in your life outside of your music drives you in a creative sense?

My Daughter, Denise, whom I hope to unleash on the world, within the next couple years. lol

What would be the most important piece of advice you’d impart to a young musician just starting out in the jazz/smooth jazz arena?

It takes money to make money. Spend money on the marketing/promotion side if you're REALLY serious about your music. If you're serious you should be willing to INVEST in your music.

Going back in your life as far as you can remember, what song or performance is the first you recall hearing and being affected by?

"Sun Goddess" by Ramsey Lewis was the first non original song that I learned how to play or even WANTED to learn how to play.

How did this new album and overall concept for it come about, and what are your ultimate goals with it?

The whole 2020 release cycle came about as a response to the Death of Kobe Bryant (RIP). Rather than sit on a growing library and wait for 'the best opportunity', it's best to take matters into your own hands, as life is not promised. My Ultimate Goal is to make Billboard charts for the first time in my career AND get Grammy consideration - not necessarily for THIS release - which is a door opener, but hopefully for the next release (Return To the Light)...