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Kim Scott - Like Butter
Kim Scott - Like Butter
Kim Scott  |  Like Butter feat Jeff Ryan

Perfectly capturing the swirl of melodic adventurousness and classically-influenced virtuosity that’s propelled Smooth Jazz flutist Kim Scott to #1 on Billboard three times, she hits another musical jackpot with the aptly titled “Like Butter,” the latest single from her upcoming, 2025 album release, LIVIN’ IT UP! While most woodwind solo artists like to feature their instrument exclusively, Scott has a blast joining forces with and trading lead and solo sections with fellow chart-topper, saxophonist Jeff Ryan. The two combine their powerful vibes on the punchy hook, but the deeper fire comes with their alternating, supercharged improvisations which melt together, wait for it... Just like butter. One of the hardest working headliners in Smooth Jazz, you will have no trouble catching Kim live with her own band or with her longtime touring squad Jazz In Pink! 

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