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James PJ Spraggins - Metamorphosis
James ‘PJ’ Spraggins  |  Metamorphosis feat Phil Davis

In 2023, veteran drummer/producer James 'PJ' Spraggins re-emerged after an eight year hiatus with STICK IT OUT, an innovative funk and ballad filled album that was featured on SiriusXM’s Dave Koz Lounge. Now, true to its core, faith-based message of determination and confidence, the multi-faceted artist teams with longtime friend and Grammy winning producer/keyboardist Phil Davis for his latest single “Metamorphosis.” Featuring Davis’ gorgeous, easy flowing piano melody and load of fascinating synth sounds over Spraggins’ hypnotic drums and electronic percussion, it’s a meditative and atmospheric tune that seems expressly designed to help people “chillax” and contemplate the mysterious way life evolves as we live it. Even the extra stuff on this tune is alluring, including the song's pastel butterfly cover art and the Spotify Canvas video displaying the actual metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.  

James ‘PJ’ Spraggins - Metamorphosis video promo