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D.S. Wilson - Telegram
D.S. Wilson - Metamorphosis
D.S. Wilson  |  Telegram

Though its release is scheduled for 2025, the title of Chicago-based saxophonist D.S. Wilson’s next album, METAMORPHOSIS perfectly captures the full circle evolution from his roots in jazz through decades of playing and recording rock, pop and blues before emerging as a bona fide Smooth Jazz artist in 2018. Testament to his extraordinary melodies and chart success - as well as spotlighted for being a finalist in the illustrious talent competition on board the Dave Koz Cruise - Wilson’s 2023 album SKYLINE was produced by Adam Hawley and METAMORPHOSIS is being helmed by Steve Oliver and Grammy nominee Jeff Carruthers. The sophomore single, "Telegram" is a feel-good, joyful jazz jam reminiscent of genre staples like Spyro Gyra and The Rippingtons.