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Anders Holst - Endlessly
Anders Holst Endlessly Unheard of Music, LLC

Returning to the scene of the rhyme, Swedish born, NYC based singer/songwriter Anders Holst pulls out a showstopper from his latest release ENDLESSLY, with his stirring cover of “All I Do.” This supremely soulful tribute to Stevie Wonder accentuates the album’s bold and artistic approach, elegantly produced by Grammy Award winner Gordon Chambers, with beguiling string arrangements and soaring backing vocals. The pop/soul/jazz collection is grounded by a live ensemble featuring keyboardist Shedrick Mitchell, guitarist Sherrod Barnes, vocalist Sy Smith and saxophonists Peck Almond and Andreas “Pastorn” Andersson. Holst muses on various aspects of love on ENDLESSLY, with inviting originals and spirited re-imaginings of unforgettable tunes. 

Anders Holst - Endlessly
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All I Do (3:51)
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