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Eric Knight Cash In

After years touring with The Rolling Stones, Prince, J Lo, Etta James and others, alto saxophonist Eric Knight made an immediate impact in the Smooth Jazz community with rip-roaring versions of hits by Gnarls Barkley, SWV and Tevin Campbell. While his debut album COVER TO COVER – VOL. 1 is set for release later in 2024, the multi-talented artist is dazzling us with his first original single “Cash In,” an edgy and feisty, easy funk, power ballad co-penned and co-produced by creative partner Rodge Nelson. Knight complements his passionate lead melody with some sizzling sax harmonies along with the fire of Mike Ciro’s blazing guitar solo.

Eric Knight - Cash In
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Cash In
Cash In (radio edit) (04:04)
ISRC: QZES92416424
Mr. Horn I'll Be There For You He That Hath An Ear LLC

Best known in the contemporary urban jazz world as the keyboardist/producer half of the Lansing, MI hitmaking duo Horn & Holland, Darren Horn (aka Mr. Horn) continues his impressive solo career with “I’ll Be There For You,” a festive, lyrical, breezy light funk single that so prominently features veteran saxophonist Dave McMurray that it could be called a duet. Vibing whimsically in Horn’s atmospheric, poppin’ production soundscape that includes, Horn’s keys and McMurray’s horn and flute pair seamlessly on the catchy, soaring main melody, plus explosive keyboard and sax solo improvisations!

Mr. Horn - I'll Be There For You
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I'll Be There For You
I'll Be There For You feat Dave McMurray (04:18)
He That Hath An Ear LLC
ISRC: USVS32454920
Johannes Linstead Kealakekua Bay Divine Earth Media

Testament to the diversity of recent Akademia Music Awards World Beat Artist of the Year Johannes Linstead, the guitarist has, over the course of his 25-year recording career, been on the world music, new age, Latin, and jazz/blues charts. With the release of his balmy, soothing and tenderly meditative single “Kealakekua Bay,” he might soon add the Hawaiian charts to his resume. Inspired by the yoga retreats he conducted in Kona (a marine life conservation district on the Big Island), Linstead complements his hypnotic guitar melody with the sweet romantic harmonies of Jordan Abraham’s accordion to create a master class in Smooth Jazz relaxation. 

Johannes LInstead - Kealakekua Bay
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Kealakekua Bay
Kealakekua Bay (04:28)
Divine Earth Media
ISRC: CA5NX2300003
Bruce McKenzie Revibed (Remix) B-Love Entertainment

With a flurry of intoxicating light funk single releases, guitarist Bruce McKenzie feels like an exciting new presence in Smooth Jazz – but doing a deeper dive, we discover that he put out a batch of excellent urban jazz-oriented releases earlier in the 2000s as well. His latest jam, a silky splash of tight, in the pocket, horn-spiced sunshine titled “Revibed (Remixed”), is the 30- year Air Force veteran’s radio-friendly edit of the track’s original rendition, showcasing his warm, rhythmic Norman Brown/George Benson style tone, playful way with electronic percussion and atmospheric sound design and ample skills as a sly soul-jazz keyboardist.

Bruce McKenzie - Revised (Remix)
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Revibed (Remix) (03:47)
ISRC: USCGJ2495869
Jessie Laine Powell Fire and Ice JLP Music Global

Award-winning vocalist and songwriter Jessie Laine Powell’s has many unique extra-musical activities, including being the creator of the Dream Manifestor, a community designed to inspire and transform talented people to go after their dreams. The Lexington, KY native’s own manifestations these days include the release of “Fire and Ice,” a sultry and whimsical mid-tempo collaboration with Jazz in Pink’s Gail Jhonson (and featuring the keyboardist’s sparkling piano solo) that celebrates the truth that a relationship’s ups, downs, differences and unpredictability make it stronger – a refreshing perspective! The new single will appear on MY LOVE JOURNEY, Powell’s second R&B/Smooth Jazz album, due later in 2024. 

Jessie Laine Powell - Fire and Ice
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Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice (feat Gail Jhonson) (04:07)
JLP Music Global
ISRC: QMEU32317162