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Hannah Cooper - I'm Right Here
Hannah CooperI'm Right HereHannah Cooper Songs
Home Base : Bay Area, CA
Music Style : Americana/Jazz

INSTRUMENTS : Acoustic Guitar, 7 String Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo


Patti Moran McCoy, Theresa McCoy, Sean McCoy, Mimi Fox, Jim Chapdelaine, Bill Leonhart, Cosy Sheridan

• The Britt Arts and Music Festival - OR
• Oregon Country Fair - OR
• Fire Fox Festivals - MN
• Aster Cafe - MN
• Bozeman Hot Springs - MT
• North City Bistro - WA


• 2019 Winner - Best Performance/Songwriter (Central Coast/San Luis Obispo) 

• 2019 Editors Pick- Monterey County Weekly

• 2019 Hollywood Songwriting Contest ( Nominee)

• 2017 American Songwriting Awards (winner)

• 2017 American Songwriting Awards (nominee)

In the years leading up to the release of her spectacular, multi-dimensional full-length debut I’M RIGHT HERE, emerging indie artist Hannah Cooper has won or been nominated for countless folk awards. While the exquisite voiced singer/songwriter has earned comparisons to JoniMitchell, the intimate, soulfully crafted collection showcases deep jazz and swing sensibilities. This folk/jazz hybrid, and her unique alternating use of piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment, lays the foundation for a fresh vibe that defies genre categorizations. At the heart of everything is her keen sense of storytelling, which commands rapt attention no matter what the musical atmosphere may be.

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Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper - I'm Right Here

"If the sun had a soundtrack, Hannah would be in high rotation." ~Sandy Shore (President

"Hannah Cooper is a high wire artist working without a net. She is looking far beyond the boundaries of singer/songwriter music. It is a pleasure to hear her." ~Cosy Sheridan (Singer/Songwriter)

"Her latest work exceeds anything I would have expected and has taught me that we can, sometimes, manage our expectations upward." ~Jim Chapdelaine (13-Time Emmy Winner)

Hannah Cooper - I'm Right Here