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Kevin Stevenson - Movin

Versatile drummer/composer Kevin Stevenson makes his Smooth Jazz solo debut with “Movin’,” a playful and feisty track with tight grooves that truly capture the edgy, whimsical cosmopolitan vibe of the Manhattan.

Movin' (3:17)
Sylvia Bennett - This Love Is Real

Gaining another 8 ADDS this week from CD 101.9, GSRN, KJAC, WCHG 107.FM, WJKR - Jo Khool Radio, WJTB - Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay and WSJF - Smooth Jazz Florida!

The extraordinary, multi-talented Grammy nominated vocalist Sylvia Bennett brings magic to the ears and hearts of Smooth Jazz lovers once again on her exceptional new single "One-Sided Love." This smooth and sensual tune sounds like a Sade meets Simply Red mashup with an ultra cool 90's vibe and Sylvia's 2021 twist.  

One Sided Love (3:40)
ISRC: USBX72000005

Making it's TOP 100 DEBUT this week at #48 with another 9 ADDS from 96.9 The Oasis, CD 101.9, KSJR - Smooth Jazz On The Rocks, Smooth Jazz 905, WNAA 90.1 FM and more!

Dynamic R&B/jazz ensemble GTF deliver another captivating fully instrumental single “3AM” from their forthcoming 2021 release, WATCH YOUR STEP. Truly the embodiment of this seductive time of day, capturing a magical late night mood with their signature low end vibe complemented by haunting sax and alluring guitar. 

3AM (4:03)
ISRC: USX9P2055297
Anders Holst - Endlessly

Hot moving up the charts to #62 on the Top 100!

Fresh on the heels of his latest hit single "Endlessly," Swedish born, NYC based singer/songwriter Anders Holst brings his sensually romantic vibes and poetic stylings in his inspiring and spirited re-imagining of Kem’s “Heaven." 

Heaven (4:22)
ISRC: QM7282048327
Dr. Dave and The Housecall Band - Midnight Daydream

Download meta-data mp3s of the entire hit album, MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM, in our Private FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD SoundCloud link. 

Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band continue their hot streak releasing fan favorite "Impressions" from their hit album MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM. Continuing the sizzling swirl of pop, R&B, traditional and contemporary jazz, topped off with tasty touches of blues on another sure-fire hit single!

Impressions (3:54)
ISRC: TCADO1835418
Zoe Scott - Shades Of Love

SHADES OF LOVE making it's TOP 100 DEBUT this week at #92, with ADDS from KRWV 99.3 FM, KJAC, SmoothJazzcom.PL and WUSB 90.1 FM!

Enchanting vocalist Zoe Scott's debut Bossa Nova album, SHADES OF LOVE is an instant classic! A cool, laid back love letter to Brazil, Zoe continues to showcase her emotional vulnerability with her exquisite, breezy and lushly produced brand new single "Wave" featuring vocalist/pianist Daniel Jobim.  

Wave (3:34)
ISRC: USHM92072465
Dayle Murphy
Dayle Murphy . Social Media Director + Radio Promo