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Intoxicating Melodies and Scintillating Grooves..."Steve O" is the Perfect Contemporary Jazz Combination andi is a MUST ADD!

Steve Flowers - Missing You
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Steve O (4:11)

Steve Flowers' Exciting New Single "Steve O" Continues to Gain Radio Support

Fun, flirty and fluty, this composer, recording artist and music educator has been a flutist performing in the classical and jazz fields for more than 30 years. Steve Flowers' sophomore release MISSING YOU was titled as a tribute to his departed friend but this super soulful, dreamily  melodic and rhythmically diverse collection is more about celebrating, 

The latest single "Steve O" is the second of nine uniquely crafted jazz tunes that leaves no doubt about the originality and creativity of this exceptional artist. Steve Flowers has shared the stage with with legendary artists including Regina Belle, B.B. King and Koko Taylor. 

"Steve O" is available below as a high res digital download. I'm also happy to send you a full CD. Please let me know at Steve Flowers is available for interviews. Please let me know to schedule.

Steve Flowers official video


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