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Lawson Rollins - Infinite Chill Vol 2 feat Shahin Shahida
Lawson Rollins feat Shahin Shahida Infinite Chill Vol 2 Infinita Records/BajaTSR

Chosen by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the “50 Best Acoustic Guitarists” of all time, Lawson Rollins has been a melodically and rhythmically innovative solo hit maker for more than 15 years. One of his most unique albums was INFINITE CHILL (THE REMIX SESSIONS), featuring engaging chillout re-imaginings of some of his classic tracks. Rollins’ sequel, INFINITE CHILL, VOL 2 is equally fascinating, a sonically intricate and adventurous romp that keeps his sumptuous strings front and center amidst fresh, imaginative arrangements of ten more gems created with Persian/American remixer-producer Shahin Shahida (of the Billboard charting world music duo Shahin & Sepehr). More than remixes, these tracks feature bold new arrangements, fresh instrumental coloring (flute, sax, trumpet et al) and exotic wordless vocals that create a soul transporting experience.  

Lawson Rollins - Infinite Chill Vol 2
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Lawson Rollins feat Shahin Shahida official video