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Rei Narita - Without Words
Rei Narita Without Words Studio Luna Azul

Renowned for a decade-plus as Asia’s great pioneer of Smooth Jazz, Rei Narita seems uniquely qualified to compose a transcendent piece – his latest radio single “Without Words” - with a title that perfectly captures the goal of every artist in the genre: to create emotional resonance and a narrative experience for listeners sans lyrics. While most of Narita’s previous singles have fast-paced, breezy or laid-back electronic grooves and other instrumentation, “Without Words” is a triumphant showcase for his gorgeous melodic solo piano artistry. Inspired by landscapes and natural scenes, Narita urges us to “listen to the sounds” as he eases back and forth from a spirit of graceful, free flowing reflection through a quickened pace and dynamic improvisations conveying pure and excitement.  

Rei Narita - Without Words
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Rei Narita - Without Words video