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Paolo Rustichelli Love Divine Next Age Music

Italian composer and innovator Paolo Rustichelli saw jazz icon Miles Davis at the Umbria Jazz Festival in the summer of 1986. Rustichelli slipped Miles’ manager a demo cassette of his music. Several weeks later at the Rome Jazz Festival, intrigued by the demo, Miles invited Paolo to record with him and the magic began at a private studio in Europe. This session yielded beautiful results that have been stored away for decades, until now. “Love Divine” (The Smooth Jazz Mix) unearths these long-lost recordings and sets them into a contemporary yet timeless jazz setting. Steeped in perpetuity, this duet is likely to send chills down your arms and fill your heart with an unfamiliar hope… Almost like rewinding to a better place and time.

Paolo Rustichelli - Love Divine
Paolo Rustichelli - Love Divine (The Smooth Jazz Mix) feat Miles Davis