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Rei Narita - Ile des Pins -Kunie-
Rei Narita Île des Pins -Kunie- Studio Luna Azul

Twelve years after releasing his debut recording, the first of four conceptual THE COLOR OF SOUNDSCAPE projects, Rei Narita brings his freewheeling, uber-melodic and ever-grooving artistry to his latest adventurous easy funk single “Île des Pins –Kunie-” – the title is in reference to “Isle of Pines,” an exotic French Island in the South Pacific. Long known as Asia’s premiere pioneer of Smooth Jazz, the multi-talented, highly prolific pianist, composer and producer offers the perfect autumn pick-me-up with a track full of lively and exciting improvisation that may remind fans of David Benoit. In creating emotionally provocative music designed to evoke the scenery of the sea at a resort and fulfilling his core philosophy “In Pursuit of Beauty,” Narita plays his antique piano “C. Bechstein,” built in 1896.  

Rei Narita - Ile des Pins
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Rei Narita - Ile des Pins -Kunie- official video