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Rei Narita - Glitter Day
Rei Narita Glitter Day Studio Luna Azul

If the mid-summer heat’s got you fatigued, there’s a sure-fire instrumental cure that will perk you up and get you dancing. It’s pianist, composer and producer Rei Narita’s sparkling, relentlessly joyous “Glitter Day,” the 9th single release in the last year and a half, from Asia’s foremost pioneer of Smooth Jazz. While his irresistible, ultra-melodic piano and exciting improvisations hook us in, the multi-talented musician and label owner also creates snappy funk grooves, cool and unexpected shifts in tempo and surrounds his ivories with swirls of hypnotic synth magic. Driven by his core philosophy “In the pursuit of beauty,” Narita has extended his creative reach to include fashion and accessory design as well as food products that make the world a more hopeful and colorful place. 

Rei Narita - Glitter Day
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