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Neika Simone - Point Of View
Neika Simone Point of View

Riding the promising momentum of her debut EP BEAUTIFUL MOMENT and the single “Million Pieces,” fast-emerging vocalist Neika Simone (whose name intentionally honors the legendary Nina) promotes her multi-faceted artistry as “Relaxing jazz vibes with a touch of funk and soul.” That description aptly captures the mid-tempo groovin’ (and sometimes rockin’) energy and hopeful and heartbreaking romantic themes coloring her engaging new album POINT OF VIEW. Yet Neika’s real magic takes hold when she transcends the easy flowing dreaminess and showcases the angelic, ethereal aspects of her voice as it hits surreal, sky-high notes that take her to Mariah-Whitney territory. Buoyed by a killer band and with a fiery guest appearance by saxophonist Marcus Anderson, Neika’s latest makes her one of the most promising urban jazz artists around.  

Neika Simone - Point of View
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