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Skii Harvey - Waiting - Dreaming
Skii Harvey Waiting

Often described vocally as a cross between Ella Fitzgerald and Tina Turner, veteran Australian singer-songwriter Skii Harvey is a celebrated citizen of the world, recognized by the Billboard Music Awards, the UK Songwriting Awards and Australian Songwriter’s Association. Over a dozen years after launching her recording career, she profoundly shifts sonic gears on her heartrending, soul-piercing and incredibly cathartic EP WAITING with renowned South Korean producer and K-pop artist Mackelli. The sequel/emotional aftermath to her powerful heartbreak chronicle BROKEN, this four-ballad collection finds her taking stock of the past, moving slowly passed the pain and embracing the fact that she no longer must wait for happiness. She also slyly embraces the reality that the wait for true love (after one that wasn’t) captures the heart in perpetuity.  

Skii Harvey - Waiting Cover
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Skii Harvey - "Dreaming" Video