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Shawn Raiford - The Next Step
Shawn Raiford The Next Step Shawn Raiford Sax Productions

With a nod to Shawn Raiford’s critically praised 2020 debut album, MAN WITH A HORN, while many may call themselves such, few actually know what to do with it to create the magic and make an emotional connection! Raiford, who’s been sharing his vibrant and adventurous horn fire with fans in and around his home base in California for years, continues his breakthrough hot streak by following his recent single “Forever” with one of the most dynamic, impactful Smooth Jazz cover songs in years. Rich with bright caressing sonic textures, his beautifully performed, sassy and brassy twist on Silk Sonic’s #1 multi-Grammy winning smash, “Leave the Door Open” sets the spirited standard by which instrumental re-imaginings should be judged. Raiford’s alternately tender and muscular approach is sheer romantic delight! Available in advance of his forthcoming album THE NEXT STEP.

Shawn Raiford - The Next Step
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