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Zolbert - Focus
Zolbert Focus Eastern Deluxe Productions

Hungarian saxophonist, composer and producer Zolbert’s richly infectious, sonically adventurous, sensual silk and pocket funk driven collection FOCUS caps an impactful decade that began with two breakthrough events: winning first prize in a Budapest club song contest and snagging the grand prize in the annual song contest on the city’s leading jazz station 90.9 Jazzy Radio. While collaborating on each track with Peet Project leader Péter Ferencz – who is also featured on the album - Zolbert takes his game to the next level, creating a variety of moods and grooves while vibing with genre elites Adam Hawley, Kayla Waters, Oli Silk and Kim Scott. Perhaps they can join the recording artist at his namesake, Zolbert Jazz & Wine Fest, the popular event was launched in his native country in 2016.  

Zolbert - Focus
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