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Kenny Nightingale - My Saxophone
Kenny Nightingale My Saxophone 3Face Records

All Smooth Jazz artists hope their music offers listeners hope and inspiration, but pop, jazz, R&B and gospel driven saxophonist Kenny Nightingale takes that a step further by including a Following Your Dream section on his website that includes impactful phrases he takes to heart: “Embrace Your Passion,” “Always Live Like Your Life is Golden” and “Be Inspired By Everything.” The multi-talented Nigerian-born artist follows his hit 2020 debut album BREATHE with the uniquely titled single “My Saxophone,” a bold and uplifting, funky, horn drenched track that offers a dazzling, fun-spirited showcase of the magic Nightingale brings to his cherished instrument. Adding fire to the celebration are Erica Newell’s gospel flavored vocals, and intoxicating solos by Sankey Bullet on keys and Michael Osadolo on wah guitar. Full album coming soon!

Kenny Nightingale - My Saxophone
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