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Vassal Benford - Dedication Song
Vassal Benford Melody Man Benford Jazz

Though Vassal Benford is an all-around entertainment juggernaut, complementing his all-star Grammy nominated pop/R&B/jazz resume with ventures as a film producer, his heart has clearly been with music since launching his career as a teen working with Ramsey Lewis and Nancy Wilson. After producing hits for the likes of Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, he ventured into Smooth Jazz via collaborations with Norman Brown and Gerald Albright. After launching his solo career in 2022 with “Melody Man” – also the name of his upcoming star-studded debut album - the prolific composer, keyboardist and producer keeps the momentum flowing with “Dedication Song,” a sonically adventurous, sunny burst of elegant mid-tempo funk driven by spirited grooves, a tasty, uplifting piano melody and imaginative improvisations.    


Vassal Benford - Melody Man
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