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Shelia Moore-Piper - The Love/Soul Session Vol.1
Shelia Moore-Piper The Love/Soul Session Vol.1 BDM/UGroove Music

In addition to being a sonically fascinating EP, chock full of silky classic R&B vibes, sensual urban jazz, crunchy grooves and hip-hop elements, Christian soul vocalist Shelia Moore-Piper’s latest (perfectly titled) release THE LOVE/SOUL SESSIONS, VOL 1 is seriously one of the most relentlessly optimistic projects of the year. While acknowledging that everything in her life is grounded in and runs on faith, she begins the exuberant, self-empowering journey with a bright affirmation filled intro  - and along the way reminds us that love is beautiful, good things are on the way and all things are possible with God. The singer’s perfect blend of uplifting and romantic emotion comes to life with an intricate sonic universe created with the artsy touch of her husband and producer, Glenn GP Piper. 

Shelia Moore-Piper - The Love/Soul Session Vol.1
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