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Shelia Moore-Piper - The Love/Soul Session Vol.1
Shelia Moore-Piper The Love/Soul Session Vol.1 BDM/UGroove Music

As the dynamic, multi-faceted career of Christian soul singer and veteran musical minister Shelia Moore-Piper demonstrates, sometimes we can express our love of God with funky stomps and vocal swells – and other times, in more subtle but similarly impactful ways, as on her new single “Love Is A Beautiful Thing.” Featuring intimate, soulful vocalese throughout, the song’s subtle production of acoustic guitar, finger snap percussion and elevated musical atmospheres allows us to fully experience the cozier charms of her formidable voice. While the lyrics will resonate most powerfully with people of faith, the song’s overriding universal message of the power of love to heal and make the heart sing will surely resonate with everyone who loves music, especially R&B and contemporary jazz vocals.

Shelia Moore-Piper - Love, Soul Session Vol.1
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