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Jeff Golkin & Forever Love - We Have Love... For All Time
Jeff Golkin & Forever Love We Have Love... For All Time Smiling Goddess Productions, Inc.

With a background of performing on and off Broadway at an early age, producer, pianist and drummer Jeff Golkin brings a unique sense of drama and emotional storytelling to the Smooth Jazz genre on WE HAVE LOVE…FOR ALL TIME, the expansive debut album by Golkin and his large ensemble Forever Love. Weaving a dynamic mix of vocals (by Joanne Williams and Kevin Batchelor) and instrumentals, including his four beautiful originals layered between sparkling twists on standards from the likes of The Blackbyrds, Carpenters, Henry Mancini, Peggy Lee, Jerome Kern and others, the visionary creates an inspiring, love-drenched narrative with exciting stops in Latin, soul/funk, and traditional jazz territories on the romantic road to forever. The 13-track, adventure filled collection marks an auspicious launch for this multi-faceted group.  

Jeff Golkin & Forever Love - Jeff Golkin & Forever Love
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