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Neika Simone - Beautiful Moments
Neika Simone Beautiful Moments Canis Major Digital

Named by her parents after the legendary Nina, Neika Simone’s name has been a self-fulfilling prophecy throughout her life as a singer and music educator who teaches chorus, voice and piano. Her perfectly titled EP BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS is a true revelation showcasing her powerful vocal range, dynamic expanse of emotions, an intoxicating rhythmic diversity as well as a hypnotic gift for intimate and inviting songwriting. In only four tracks, she brings us into numerous relatable stages of a relationship, offering insight and hard-won wisdom on the topics of learning and moving on from a bad situation, the complexities of infidelity, opening up and allowing oneself to be vulnerable to better love and visualizing the perfect romantic scenario – which for Simone came true when she married her husband!   

Neika Simone - Beautiful Moments
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