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Dreaming in Colour - Back In The Day
Dreaming In Colour Back In The Day Dreaming In Colour LLC

The Euro Jazz Press got it right when it pegged the veteran funk-soul driven ensemble Dreaming in Colour “The Steely Dan of Smooth Jazz.” Originally founded over 30 years ago by bassist Kevin Ellis and drummer Chris Noonan, the veteran ensemble has experienced a renaissance recently with a flurry of big radio singles. Their latest high-energy release, “Back in the Day,” lives up to its moniker, offering a fun-filled, danceable Chicago Steppin’ vibe that its composer, DiC keyboardist Michael Scherer, enthusiastically describes as “the kind of music you might have heard in a roller-skating rink in the 80s.” In addition to Scherer’s lively piano melody, other high points include Ellis’ snappy bass fills and the seamless interaction of Scherer and saxophonist Jason Swagler on the irrepressible hook. 

Dreaming In Colour - Back In The Day
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