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M'Lynn - Trophy Shelf
M'Lynn Trophy Shelf M'Lynn Music LLC

“Trophy Shelf" is the culmination of artistry from singer/songwriters Melanie Jo and M’Lynn, producer Fivel, and lyrical master L A C E. The four met while attending University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Melanie Jo and Fivel, while working on their own duo project, found themselves needing a set of extra ears on the beat originally known as “XXX.” M’Lynn got a hold of the beat, and quickly wrote the chorus to “Trophy Shelf” based on her budding relationship with rapper and producer L A C E. Once all four powerhouses got in a room together, the rest of the track was written. The final project features lead vocals by M’Lynn, and beautiful background vocal textures from Melanie Jo and L A C E, masterfully blending all of these artist’s styles into one soulful song!

M'lynn - Trophy Shelf
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