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Mariea Antoinette - Another Star
Mariea Antoinette Another Star Masaai/Infinity Productions

That explosive grooving, horn-fired funk and soaring orchestral energy you hear behind Marie Antoinette’s buoyant, freewheeling  harp melody on her latest single “Another Star” perfectly reflects her unstoppable momentum in Smooth Jazz and urban music these past few years. After winning three major accolades in 2018 from the San Diego Prestige Awards, Black Women in Jazz & the Arts Association and Black Music Awards, her 2020 hit single “Overture” – from her most recent album ALL MY STRINGS – debuted at #5 on Billboard. Winter is just around the corner, but that isn’t stopping the multi-talented force of musical nature from creating one of the most frolicsome, summery tracks of 2021 via a vibe fusing danceable earthly percussive rhythms with transcendent string elegance and angelic backing voices.   

Mariea Antoinette - Another Star
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