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Tony Saunders - All About Love
Tony Saunders All About Love Baja/TSR Records

Ten years ago, when Tony Saunders titled his 2011 debut album ROMANCING THE BASS, the two-time Emmy winning Bay Area hyphenate (musician/composer/arranger/producer) set in motion an intoxicating, free-flowing torrent of snappy, grooving and sensual low-end vibes. The ever-percolating adventure culminates now on his Baja/TSR debut with the dynamic, emotionally resonant ALL ABOUT LOVE. It’s a generous 14-track slate of picture-perfect, pocket funk and steamy/sultry originals and re-imaginings (of classics by The Whispers and Burt Bachararch) that are bass driven but created in collaboration with an all-star array of genre greats – including Gail Jhonson, Blake Aaron, Paul Jackson, Jr., Greg Manning, Jazmin Ghent and Adam Hawley. Saunders has a blast taking us on what he dubs a “joyful ride on the Smooth Jazz rollercoaster." "Highway 5" is the affable musician's latest radio single, sure lead straight to the top of the Smooth Jazz charts. 

Tony Saunders - All About Love
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