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R.L. Walker - Colorized
R.L. Walker Colorized R.L. Walker

Developing his formidable horn chops and seductive funk vibe in South Korean clubs and talent shows while serving in the Air Force, saxophonist R.L. Walker has been an unstoppable force in Smooth Jazz since the release of his debut MANY FACETS in 2013. “Side By Side,” the second lead single from his upcoming album COLORIZED, is the quintessential top down, freewheeling summer jam, an intoxicating blend of sweet sexy romance, along with percussive tenor cool, buoyant grooving energy and fun improvisation. Like Walker’s previous single “Memories Kept,” a beautiful dedication to his late parents, this sparkling new track is produced and arranged by his longtime collaborator Lew Laing, who creates a luxe vibey atmosphere and bluesy energy on the keys.  

R.L. Walker - Colorized
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R.L. Walker - Side By Side