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Will Sumner - Ocean Street
Will Sumner Ocean Street Tzone Music

From COAST DRIVE to ENDLESS SUMNER and RIDE THE WAVE, the titles and coastal vibes of Will Sumner’s decade-plus string of albums make the versatile composer and electric guitarist the Smooth Jazz equivalent of the Beach Boys. The name of his latest collection OCEAN STREET – also the moniker of his indie label – has a more personal meaning: it’s the locale of his longtime family home near the Ocean in Carlsbad, where his mother lived until she passed away at 96. You can feel Sumner’s heartfelt sentimental passion amidst the lively blasts of sandy musical sunshine and chillaxed grooves. As we party at this inviting destination, Sumner treats us to a flow that’s alternately laid back, playful, tropical and driving.    

Will Sumner - Ocean Street
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