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M'Lynn - You Should Know
M'Lynn You Should Know M'Lynn Music LLC

For jazz, soul, and pop influenced, sensual yet intensely emotional vocal powerhouse M’lynn, her 2019 single “T.F.I.L” is the gift that keeps on giving! Named both Best Pop Song and Best Singer-Songwriter Song by the Dallas Songwriter’s Association’s International Songwriting Contest, both its original version and the Nate Harisim vibey chill remix hit the chart, the latter for more than half a year in 2020-21. On her latest release, the hypnotic, intimate and deeply heartfelt post breakup plea “You Should Know,” M’Lynn bares her soul ever-so-gently. The graduate of Bruce Hornsby’s Creative American Music program at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, soars passionately on this hypnotic track, mixed by Peet Project’s Peter Ferencz, the chill sonic atmospheres serve as a healing caress.

M'Lynn - You Should Know
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