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Motown Moe - Living My Best Life
Motown Moe Living My Best Life Windee Records

It may sound funny for a guy nicknamed “Motown Moe” to work out of a studio in Chicago, but the keyboardist/composer and Air Force veteran is a Detroit cat through and through - a former member of United Steel Workers and United Auto Workers Unions who grew up on classic R&B and funky jazz fusion and cut his musical teeth in the Motor City. His prolific nearly 15-year career soars to new heights with his vibey new album LIVING MY BEST LIFE, which showcases his mastery of blending sensual moods with lively deep pocket and sometimes unconventional and exotic rhythm patterns, along with his bandleading prowess leading vibrant ensembles featuring the likes of Nils, Rick Stone, Tony Craddock Jr, Tony Guerrero, Ryan Svendson, Chris Campbell and Darron Cookie Moore.  

Motown Moe - Living My Best Life
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