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Mariea Antoinette - All My Strings
Mariea Antoinette All My Strings Infinity Maasai Productions

Boldly continuing to venture where no genre artist has dared before, classically trained, jazz/R&B influenced harpist Marie Antoinette has turned an instrument most of us associate with delicacy and angelic realms into a platform for snappy, full-fledged funky urban jazz. The cleverly titled ALL MY STRINGS – long awaited follow up to her debut STRAIGHT FROM THE HARP – rolls and jams like a rock, pop, soul and jazz symphony, starting with a sweeping overture that’s already been a Top 5 radio hit. Along with her stunningly intricate melodies, Mariea powers the album with grand orchestral flair, hard-edged grooves, old school cool harmonies and moments of romance and sweet new age-like serenity. 

Mariea Antoinette - All My Strings
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