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Tony Saunders - Sexy Somethin
Tony Saunders Sexy Somethin San Francisco Records

Four years after taking us to the heart of his years growing up on the NYC club scene with Uptown Jazz, legendary bassist/composer Tony Saunders delivers on his stated promise to “make the best, most pleasurable and sensually satisfying album yet” with the perfectly titled SEXY SOMETHIN. Alternately bouncy and buoyant and dreamily sensual, the tracks are all infectiously melodic and roll deep in a groove-intensive pocket. Yet true to the diversity of Saunders’ expansive resume, he infuses stylistic and thematic surprises from track to track. While grounding everything on his trademark deep bass tones and delivering sparkling solos, he invites a vibrant all-star cast to help execute his multi-faceted vision – including Nils, Jeff Ryan, Paul Jackson, Jr., Paul Brown, Marion Meadows and Jeff Lorber.

Tony Saunders - Sexy Somethin'
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