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Paolo Rustichelli Magic Life Next Age Music

It was a revelation, even for a superstar legend the likes of Carlos Santana, when on a hot day in May 1996, in Los Angeles, California, Santana heard the rough mix of the song “Paisa” and fell in love with the unique composition. The song would become Paolo Rustichelli’s first #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz single and Santana agreed to be the executive producer on Paolo’s MYSTIC MAN album. Two decades later, Paolo is a critically-acclaimed, Smooth Jazz composer with a string of invigorating, innovative radio hits. His trademark sound is a blending of synths and samples admired and emulated by artists around the world. The pioneer of electro Smooth Jazz brings us a brand-new, uplifting single for summer, "Magic Life," offering a super fresh, sexy vibe, continuing Paolo’s Mediterranean, musical mindfulness!

Paolo Rustichelli - Magic Life
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Paolo Rustichello - Magic Life