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Paolo Rustichelli - Hot
Paolo Rustichelli Tempus Fugit Next Age Music

Time waits for no man… yet Paolo Rustichelli’s inventive sound ensures his music will live on forever! The Roman’s signature style has inspired a generation of Chillout enthusiasts. Known for pioneering electro-jazz, chill/lounge music, he returns with his 3rd single from the forthcoming TEMPUS FUGIT collection, “Hot,” an homage to summer on the Italian central coast. The song was composed during quarantine of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy and became an anthem for the composer, musically representing freedom from illness and stress. This modern Mediterranean hymn reminds us that heartfelt, human energy is a powerful cure for the body and soul. “Hot” is on the same trajectory as Paolo’s #1 Billboard hit, “Paisa.” One listen and you’ll understand why the innovative keyboardist is held in such high regard by musicians worldwide including legends he’s collaborated with, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock!

Paolo Rustichelli - Tempus Fugit
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Paolo Rustichelli - Hot