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Zzapiens : Legacy of Love / Songs For Her
Zzapiens Legacy of Love/Songs For Her Breken Records

Under the guidance of renowned Smooth Jazz guitarist/producer Kenee Maree, the rhythm section known as ZZAPIENS joins forces with some of Atlanta’s best-known pop, R&B and jazz vocalists to create LEGACY OF LOVE/SONGS FOR HER. A collection of lively and emotional re-imagined classics from the worlds of Brazilian, Latin, traditional jazz and classic R&B (Luther Vandross and Roberta Flack), it’s a beautiful celebration of the life of Maree’s business and life partner Brenda, who passed away from breast cancer in 2017. “Bren & Ken” created Breken Records, whose deeply soulful roster includes all the brilliant artists showcased here: Kandis Maureen, Sirlister Smiley, Sybil Eberhart, Jason Smith and Kam Showers. Even without the poignant inspirational backstory, this is a remarkable work introducing us to an important independent record label. 

Zzapiens - Legacy of Love/Songs For Her
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Breken Records - Zzapiens